Review of Alprostadil for Erectile Dysfunction – Edex injection

Alprostadil is the generic name of a pharmaceutical grade medicine mainly used for chronic impotence. It is a “prescription only” medicine in some states that means, without prescription it may not available from pharmacy store. In recent days, the health care specialists and doctors use it as a combination therapy.

It is commonly known as MUSE (Medicated Urethral System for Erection) and most commonly used as Caverject. It is directly used in the urethra, actually it contains a small pellet and that is inserted inside the opening end of the penis.

The small pellet resides inside an applicator. An applicator is nothing but a thin tube that contains the small pellet and the pellet contains the medicine. Usually, it is used about 5 minutes before to beginning any sexual activity.

Ingredients Used In Alprostadil

Alprostadil belongs to a vasodilators medicine category, contains prostaglandin E1 that stimulates blood vessels to expand by relaxing the layer of muscles in the wall of the blood vessels. In short, the medicine relaxes the muscles of the penis and increases the blood flow into the penis.

Thus successful erection is achieved by increasing the blood flow.

Caution – Alprostadil Injection CAN NOT be used by those people who don’t have any Erectile dysfunction. Improper use of the medicine can cause permanent damage of penis and loss of sexual ability. As mentioned earlier, it is a prescription drug and it may NOT be obtained from the medicine store without a doctor’s prescription.

Alprostadil only used by doctors after performing certain tests that prove that the patient is suffering with blood vessel problems in the penis. Usually, Alprostadil is available in different forms –

– Powder (can be soluble in different solutions)
– Kit
– Suppository
– Solution

Alprostadil stimulates blood vessels through a multifaceted chain of chemical reactions and that directly intercept the signals from the nervous system urging the releasing the chemicals into the cells of the penis.

Surprisingly the effect of Alprostadil is very much similar to Yohimbe Extract in terms of increasing the blood flow. Yohimbe, found in Africa, is commonly used, in male Erectile dysfunction and as libido enhancer in the local native communities.