SS Cream for premature ejaculation review

Lets face it premature ejaculation sucks big time. As men It makes us feel like crap and pretty soon the thought of having sex will stress you out and if it is really bad you may even start to avoid sex altogether. This can lead to many different problems and may even cost you a relationship. In order to solve this condition a lot of guys think of turning to one of the many premature ejaculation cream products on the market hoping it will give them the ability to last longer in bed. But are these premature ejaculation creams really worth it and are there other options that are better for you.

What is SS cream?

Another name for SS cream is Severance-Secret. It is used to cure premature ejaculation and is manufactured in Korea. It might not be found in the United States. It is basically made of herbs and has been the target of numerous researches as a result of its presumed acceptance in numerous countries. It appears as if SS cream is basically an analgesic for premature ejaculation and is not harnessed to cure other erectile function problems.

According to the tests SS cream for premature ejaculation can be effective in helping the male partner last longer in bed. One test suggested that it could also be successful if other erectile dysfunction problems exist.

There are no concrete reviews suggesting that any of this is true and the minimal amount of information available regarding the efficacy of SS cream does not bode well for the product. There would have to be more wide-spread reviews in order to prove that this premature ejaculation cream is worth the hype.


SS Cream Ingredients

It consists of substances that are herbal-based and they are asiasari radix, bufonisveneum, angelicae gigantic radix, torlidis semen, cinnamomi cortex, ginseng radix alba, zanthoxyllifructs, caryophylliflos, and cistanchesherba. Information concerning this product isn’t much and the ingredients appear to be a little puzzling to people in the west.

Ingredients in this product

An overview of ingredients present in this product
IngredientProfile link
Maca ( Lepidium meyenii or Peruvian Ginseng )Profile
Panax ginseng ( Wild Ginseng or Korean red ginseng )
Kaempferia parviflora ( Black Turmeric or Thai Ginseng )Profile
Ashwagandha ( Withania Somnifera or Indian Ginseng )Profile

SS Cream Benefits

One advantage of SS cream for premature ejaculation is its potency to desensitize the region around the penis. This might seem to be good, however, it could also end up causing an issue because when the penis becomes too insensitive, the guy tends to be displeasured and he might end up not climaxing…. Alternatively, you might be able to satisfy your partner for a prolonged period of time and coincidentally you wouldn’t enjoy the moment because you insensitive.

Buy SS Cream

There is not a lot of information regarding buying this premature ejaculation product because it’s not readily available in the United States. A consumer may be able to perform focused internet searches in order to find out price and availability but with so many other products available on the market it may not be a productive use of time. There is also the problem of ingredients and whether or not they are safe or even recommended for use in the United States.

Does SS Cream Work?

After doing much research it seems as though the product does numb the penis area. There are strict directions, however, on the use of the product. SS cream must be applied one hour before intercourse but must be fully wiped off before sex, otherwise the ingredients could numb both participants and that, of course, would ruin the sexual encounter. There have been some noted side effects, mostly a heated sensation in the penis area and some discomfort as well. If a consumer wants a product simply for a numbing effect, SS cream may be okay, but there are additional components to improve love-making that other products address making them not so one-dimensional.