Penegra for impotence

Penegra is a generic version of the famous drug Viagra, which contains Sildenafil Citrate. Similar to other common generic viagra drugs, Penegra is comparatively cheaper as compared to the brand names Viagra.

The reason why Penegra is cheaper is because it does not pay any additional costs for marketing and advertising which are often added to the cost of a product. As we all know Viagra is widely advertised and the advertising cost is added to the product when we purchase Viagra and that is the reason why its retail price is high.

Sildenafil Citrate is undoubtedly one the most effective and most prescribed drug meant to help those patients affected by erectile dysfunction.

Many men who had opted for Penegra drug instead of Viagra have found it to be as effective as Viagra, but as it is always suggested, all prospective users who are planning to shift to Penegra must do all possible investigations before actually planning to make a purchase.

Sildenafil Citrate in Penegra, works by beginning to release nitric oxide in the penis which further leads to relaxation of the muscles and increase in the flow of blood to penis.

Penagra should ideally be considered by those men who are facing difficulty in having an erection. Those who are having problem with erection or are suffering from erectile dysfunction must take this drug about an hour before the actual sexual activity with their partner.

During the first 30 minutes, it will not show any effect. The effect begins to take place only when the partner begins to stimulate sexual activity in men. The effect of this drug lasts for a maximum period of 4 hours.

Usually once a person ejaculates, the effect of the drug also wears out. Regrettably Sildenafil Citrate drug does not help in achieving libido nor does it help in reducing stress which contributes in diminishing masculinity.

Positive effects of the drug Penegra

1- Cost wise, this drug is very cheap as compared to other drugs having a brand name.
2- The drug has to be taken orally and not in any other form such as through injection.
3- You can find reviews of satisfied clients on their website.

Negative effects of the drug Penegra

1- This drug does not help in increasing libido.
2- Some people claim they had negative experiences.
3- This drug is very expensive when compared with herbal treatments. A pack of 30 tablets costs about $96.00
4- Since the after effects of this drug last for a long period, you cannot take it more than once during a 24 hour cycle.

Final Thoughts

Yes, prescription drugs such as Sildenafil Citrate did provide satisfactory results for many men suffering from erectile dysfunction. Lately, it has been seen that there are many new treatments being introduced in the market for sexual difficulties, which include the effective herbal treatment called Vigrx Plus. This is a natural product helping people who are suffering from erectile dysfunction and also has been proven to increase the libido and cause firmer erections.