16 benefits of lifting weights

Who would not like to possess a body like the Greek Gods? You might have seen your favorite movie stars exhibiting their fabulous bodies. Naturally, you may also yearn for one. Hitting the gym might be the best option.

You might find the gym instructor asking you to lift weights. You may feel a bit uncomfortable, to begin with. However, you would enjoy the same with the passage of time. You should have an idea about the benefits of lifting weights. Here are sixteen benefits you should know.

  • Less stress:

Lifting weights is a therapeutic activity. Lifting weights can lessen your stress a great deal. In comparison with the people who do not lift weights, you would certainly stand out.

  • Improve posture:

The sedentary nature of your job can leave you with a bad posture. You can compensate for the same by lifting weights. This would make your spine stand out straight as a ramrod.

  • Increase your happiness:

You have seen that lifting weighs can improve your posture as well as reduce your stress levels. Both these activities have links with your happiness quotient. Thus, lifting weights can make you happier. Studies have shown that people who work on weights are in a better state of mind than those who do not.

  • You will fit your clothes better:

As you gain weight, you would experience that your favorite clothes become tighter. Lifting weights is one way of staying in shape. You would have a leaner look. The result would be that your clothes would now fit you perfectly. You would lose your excess fat while tightening your muscles.

  • Best way to burn fat:

Cardio exercises can help you burn fat. There is no doubt about that. However, it would be better if you supplement the same with your weights. Building up your muscles is the best way to burn calories. This would also help to tone your body in the perfect manner.

  • Burn calories even when you abstain from exercises:

When you lift weights to build your muscles, the muscle tissue would stretch causing it to break. You will have to rest while the body gets along with the repairing process. However, your body requires energy for this activity as well. Thus, you will keep losing calories even while you are not exercising.

  • Experience a feeling of independence:

As you lift weights, your confidence gets a lift as well. You would start feeling more independent than ever before. This can make you attempt things that you would never have done otherwise.

  • No insomnia problems

As you have a healthy workout every day, you can bid goodbye to your insomnia problems. You would get tired after the heavy workouts. Hence, you would get good natural sleep.


  • Increase the strength of your bones:

Regular lifting of weights can increase your bone density. This improves the overall condition of the bones. Your bones will have the necessary experience to remain strong and not break at the slightest hint of old age.

  • Lifting weights can improve your cardio routines as well

Cardio exercises such as running, swimming, as well as biking, are very good for the heart. At the same time, lifting weights can be even better. This combination of the weights and the cardio is a great one. Your cardio would seem much better than ever before.

  • Have a healthy heart:

Lifting weights regularly can reduce your blood pressure. This solves the issue of heart attacks and strokes.

  • Longevity

When you have a healthy mind and a healthy body, diseases will dread to approach you. Naturally, you would live longer. Lifting weights is one way of ensuring just that.

  • Increase your intellectual capacity

You have muscles all over your body. Of course, lifting of weights concentrates on improving your biceps and quadriceps. Stimulation of muscles also improves your cognitive functions as well. This would naturally make you smarter as well as physically fitter.

  • Increase your productivity:

Lifting weights can improve your efficiency levels a great deal. As a result, you would definitely be more efficient than the others are. This can play a great role in increasing your productivity levels.

  • Discipline is the key

Regular lifting of weights conditions your mind towards possessing a healthier and stronger body. You would be able to adjust to varying routines as well. This would bring a sense of discipline.

  • Attain the Greek God looks

Lifting weights on a regular basis can make your body fit and strong. It will tone up your muscles and make you look lean and fit. You would now proudly possess the body of your favorite stars. You can very well show it off at the beach.


Nothing is possible in the world without doing hard work. Acquiring a fit body requires you to work hard as well. The fruits of your labor would now taste sweet.