PureSleep snoring mouthpiece review

Pure Sleep – And it is…

PureSleep is a jaw-retainer device which has just gotten its FDA clearance for the treating snoring. It is co-invented by a dentist and an Ear, Nose, and Throat Specialist, and had apparently been applied to treat snoring clinically for over 15 years.

Pure Sleep Works By…

There is a soft tissue at the back of the throat which relaxes during sleep. This ends up partially blocking the airway and well, you snore! If the air passage is constricted, the surrounding soft tissue starts vibrating next, hence the snoring. To prevent the problem in the first place, mandibular advancement devices like this force the jaw slightly forward to open the airway. Once free of being constricted, the vibrations from the walls of the throat are eliminated so there is no snoring sound. Say with me! No obstruction, no vibration, no snoring. Just that simple.

The device has upper and lower pieces that are jointed together in three settings, in accordance to your bite. Once the pieces are assembled, the device has to be boiled to soften the material and make it ready for molding to your teeth. Once the unit is molded, the setting can no longer be changed.


FDA cleared. Having obtained FDA clearance signifies that it is safe for use.
Allows custom fitting. The unit requires boiling to make it pliable for molding to your teeth.
Adjustable settings. It comes with three settings for more comfortable fit.
Accessible. You can obtain it online or from partner dentists and physicians in USA and Canada.


The more elaborate information on the material used is vague. The official site does say it is FDA cleared, but fails to mention which types of materials are in use. It simply cited hard plastic on the exterior and soft plastic on the interiors.
Limited settings. Although it comes with three settings, you cannot adjust it anymore once the device has been molded to your teeth. There is no room for mistakes during preparation.
Eventually loses shape. It has been reported that the device loses shape quite fast and that reheating the mouthpiece does not fix it.

Does It Really Work?

As with any product, the PureSleep too had received its share of mixed reviews. However, it is also very evident that the negative comments outweigh the positive. While the mouthpiece is designed according to sound principle which is proven to work, many users have reported that it is uncomfortable to wear and that it does not last long. Had they worked to improve the quality this product would definitely have our hundred percent recommendation. Considering the real user reviews which are slanted toward negative, it is best to take other brands into account.
Better Alternative – Pure Sleep vs Good morning snore solution.

Our research suggested that Good Morning Snore Solution and SnoreRx are worth looking into. It has multiple featured anti snoring mouthpiece that more than meets the standards of Oral Appliances for Obstructive Sleep Apnea. The product comes equipped with features and technology ensuring optimum efficiency and user comfort and has a record of safe and effective usage with no single adverse effect being reported by a patient.

In fact, Good Morning Snore Solution has secured the top spot in our list of the best anti snoring mouthpieces based on ease of use and comfort, features, user ratings, and price.

The Advantages of Good Morning Snore Solution

1) The Good Morning Snore Solution helps you right away with the snoring if your tongue, jaw, uvula, or mouth structures are why you snore. It positions the tongue in a way that opens up your airway. This is because your tongue is the biggest organ in your mouth and positioning it the right way will only help things improve. In fact, tongue is more involved in your snoring process than you realize which is why the Tongue Retaining Mouthpieces work for a lot of people. An obvious benefit of using Good Morning Snoring Solution comes in the forms of variety of snoring causes being alleviated at once. Similar products focus on one cause at a time so, not quite as useful if your snoring is brought on by multiple factors. Then a tongue correcting device is definitely the way to go.

2) None other anti-snoring mouthpiece works on simultaneously pushing forward your bottom jaw AND keeping your tongue out of the way to give a clear airway. If you sleep with your mouth open then, this is just the mouthpiece for you.

3) It scores high in comfort levels, since compared to the other snoring mouthpieces this one – GMSS goes that extra mile to make it easier to wear. It is made of ultra quality material, meaning its BPA free, incredibly soft and comfortable. The suction keeps the mouthpiece well fitted all night without budging while you sleep.

4) Properly tested and meeting with all approvals mean that it is highly effective and comfortable.

5) Good Morning Snoring Solution might be the perfect cpap alternative! But as I said earlier, don’t forget to consult with your doctor before replacing your CPAP with GMSS. As compared to CPAP, GMSS can be quite handy, hassle free, relatively cheap compared to CPAP, safe, and efficient! In fact, people are moving over from a CPAP system to a tongue retaining product simply because they like it better.

6) This entirely legitimate produced by a business acknowledged by the BBB. Mpowrx Health and Wellness Products Inc., the company behind GMSS is a business accredited an A+ rating by the BBB. So, they are legit.

7) They offer good customer support. It is good PR and an even better business practice to be easily available for the customers. They’ve a money back guarantee too.

8) The product is approved by FDA, which is uncommon among anti-snoring products. If I am using it, it is good to know that FDA approves of it too.

Now for the disadvantages of the product

1) Oh the expense! It is quite expensive but my advice to you in this case is, the FDA approval makes the difference.

2) The discomfort of the adjustment period. However, that is the same for most anti snoring devices and CPAP machines as well. Just bear with it for a week, and once the initial discomfort (which is usually much less than other anti snoring devices or CPAP machines) is out of the way, you’ll see the results.

3) if you are a nose snorer then this not the product for you, sorry. However with some people snoring is caused by the nasal and the tongue, jaw, uvula. In such a case I recommend you buy Snorestop Nasospray(to clear nasal congestion etc.) along with Good Morning Snoring Solution. You will see a marked improvement in these cases.

As with all products for snoring, you need to give it time, and get as much rest as possible. For some, It can completely stop the snoring and some people even report that it was so comfortable, it was barely noticeable from the first time they used it. Although as I said, it differs from person to person and one might have to adjust during first few nights. It needs to be remembered that this is a preventative device and won’t cure you of your snoring.