FastSize review

FastSize Extender, LLC was made in 1996 as another alternative to enlarge penis in men. The company actually created a number of extender packages which differ in their shapes and functions. They can be very simply or complicated.

Fast Size Extender promises to give its users more width, length, and girth of their member. It is a traction device which is said to be beneficial for the treatment of Peyronie’s disease and sexual dysfunction in men.

The product does not have its own official website but there is some page dedicated to FastSize Extender. It seems not to be informative at all there is general description of the device and a button offering an opportunity to buy it.

The FastSize extender has the noose design that’s typical in penis extenders, but the extender comes with foam padding, which can be fitted over the noose to provide comfort. With this foam padding, I find the FastSize extender more comfortable than both the Vimax and the Jes extenders. However, ultimately, with its padded rubber comfort strap design, I still find the SizeGenetics extender the most comfortable.

Another plus about FastSize is that the FastSize development team listens to customer feedback in their user forum and uses this feedback to continuously improve their product. Back when some of their customers complained about their penis slipping out of the noose, the design team designed what they called “duro bands” which have since been effective in holding the penis snuggly in place.

The same design team is now completely redesigning the FastSize extender with the aim of making it even more comfortable. If you’re a penis enlargement enthusiast and plan on doing PE for the long haul, then this kind of after sales customer service and continuous product improvement will no doubt prove very valuable.

This early, it can be confidently stated that the FastSize brand of penile enlargement traction device does not have adverse side effects on the health of the users. When used properly, FastSize is completely safe for men of almost all ages and penis sizes.

A number of researches have shown that traction devices can hardly improve the sexual function of a male organ. Besides, there are lot of fake reviews floating around. That is why certain guidance is needed to distinguish responsible reviews from fake ones. But what is even more important is to see the proofs before of effectiveness of the system. But it turns out not to have any clinical expertise or medical studies.

How it works?

At first, the wearer will experience mild discomfort with the FastSize device. This is especially true when it is the first-ever penis traction device encountered by the user because it will be strange wearing it for the first time.

However, with continuous use, FastSize ought to fit like a glove unto the penis. In fact, it can be worn under boxers with loose trousers to work. When sleeping, FastSize can also be attached to the penis quite comfortably. Also, there will be a slight soreness during the first few sessions. This is because the skin is still adjusting itself to the effects of the penile traction. However, it is a normal occurrence and will resolve on its own.

Benefits of FastSize


    • Increased semen volume – This is a good side effect considering that semen is a symbol of virility, the more, the merrier for the man and the woman.
    • Enhanced sex drive and stamina – This can be problematic when the woman is sexually frigid. However, with these improvements on the libido, the man can do so many more things to arouse the woman.
    • Powerful erections – There are instances when powerful erections from a large penis can cause social embarrassment. However, with practice and control, such instances can be avoided.
    • Bigger penile head – Well, some women have smaller vaginas, which can cause initial pain upon entry. However, with the proper technique and lubrication, pleasure can be enhanced on both sides.



Drawbacks of FastSize

  • This device does not have approved applications for these uses.
  • The device is not properly listed with the FDA, and the company did not furnish any information regarding its products to federal inspectors.
  • Dis-comfortable while using it.
  • There are so many fake reviews on the websites.
  • There is no official website of the product.
  • The product has no discrete shipping term mentioned on retailer websites.
  • There is no money back guarantee if the product is not helpful.


I am not sure that FastSize Extender can help you solve your sexual issues and increase your penis as it has a great number of disadvantages. There are no photos depicting users before and after use which can be trusted. There are some fake reviews mainly, as well as no money back guarantee. The device does not even have an official website, so I would not trust it. No discrete shipping term is mentioned.

The FastSize Extender was not approved by urologists. From my research I cannot say that it can be classified as a normal conventional medical device. Besides, some of the retailers do not offer this “penis extender” any longer.