Maca Root review and its sexual benefits for men and women

Maca (or Maca root) is a naturally occurring plant that can be found growing in the mountainous regions of Peru and Bolivia.

Maca is still cooked with meals in South America and has traditionally been taken to boost energy, ward off illnesses, improve fertility and reduce stress. Nowadays, you can find maca in health stores in a capsule form.

Maca is one of a few herbs that are believed to be “adaptogens.” These special kinds of herbs adapt to a variety of conditions within a given body and help restore it to a healthy balance. Maca in particular works on the endocrine system to balance hormones in both men and women.

Maca is a nutritionally dense superfood that has been used for 1000s of years. It is unique in that it affects men and women differently. In this article I detail how and why to use this superfood for women.

Benefits of Maca-

FertilityWomen have been using Maca powder to increase their chances of conceiving a child for over 2000 years. Scientific studies have shown that the food balances hormones which leads to regular ovulation. Also, Maca is a nutritional powerhouse that supports the optimal health needed to boost fertility. Red Maca has been shown to be the best for women looking to boost their fertility.

Regularity of Cycle Maca works very well to support a healthy, regular menstrual cycle.

Pregancy – Maca is safe to take during pregnancy. In fact, due to it’s high nutrient and mineral content, it may support healthy development. A 2 teaspoon serving of the powder has 3 times more calcium than a glass of milk. Also, Black Maca has been seen to increase bone density and strength.

Healthy Skinmaca women – Due to Maca’s ability to help balance hormones, it often has a positive effect on skin tone. This can include reducing hormone related acne as well as improving skin elasticity.

Increased Libido – One of the biggest effects reported by women taking proper dosages of Maca powder daily is a marked increase in sexual desire. Red Maca is the highest in phytontutrients and, not surprisingly, is the best choice to improve female libido.

Reducing/Preventing Osteoperosis – Studies have shown that Red and Black Maca were found to be the best at improving and protecting bone structure especially in mice who had their ovaries removed. Other studies have shown that Maca increases bone strength and density.

Women Wanting Enhanced Curves – One of the more interesting effects of Maca is that it can support the enhancement of female body shape. Maca works to balance estrogen levels, which can increase the size and shape of breasts. Also, since Maca is extremely anabolic (muscle building) it can increase the size of the buttocks, which is of course the body’s largest muscle. In order to get the most benefit for the latter, we recommend using Black Maca and also getting plenty of exercise aimed at increasing the gluts.

Reducing Depression –One of the lesser known benefits of Maca for women is for reducing depression. Maca works as a mood up-lifter due to its high nutrient content combined with it’s energizing properties.

Enhancing Mental Focus, Memory and Clarity –One final use of Maca for women is to boost mental capacities such as memory, clarity and focus.

Tips On Using Maca To Boost Your Chances of Conception

Use only high quality, fresh, certified organic products. Unfortunately there are many inferior products on the market that are made from chemically grown maca or from old maca roots that have lost their potency.

Use the right amount. Using maca in this way is considered to be a therapeutic usage and therefore you need to take a therapeutic dosage consistently and regularly.

Both partners should take it For maximum efficacy you and your partner should be taking the powder. Maca comes with a number of other benefits, so it should be easy to convince him/her to do so.

Women should consider using red maca. It’s the rarest and most nutritionally dense form of the plant. It’s also the best for female fertility.

Maca Side Effects

Maca has no known side effects that could be harmful. As always, read the label carefully and avoid combining this herb with any medication. Remember that maca is a food eaten by many South Americans and side effects are rare. However, if you have a doubt, consult your doctor.

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If you are looking to increase your chances of getting pregnant naturally, without invasive surgical procedures, maca is certainly the supplement to try. Adding maca for fertility to any program or strategy can only help your overall health and chances of conceiving a child.

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