Negative user reviews

1. cheap quality i t is broken before the use. Can’t use it .

concept is great but material is very cheap .
cheap plastic which broke right at first day.

2. Did not find it as effective as I thought – back support is good however sitting area is too small and non expandable resistant is only to certain point and then it does not provide any further challenge

3. I ordered Wonder Core Smart and with the deal, I was to get the disc and paid an extra £19.99 ($25.88) for this, but when the box arrived the box was damaged and there was no disc. I would not recommend it to anyone. The whole company is a farce. The customer service is nonexistent, rude, and totally have no people skills. They could do with retraining.

4. Last minute I changed my mind and thought the order did not process, but when I checked my account last night the charge was pending. I tried to call to cancel it, but I was unable to get through. As such, I called first thing this morning, and after being hung up by two of their representatives on the third try, I was transferred to a “supervisor, ” and she refused to cancel the order claiming it was shipped, yet the charge is still pending with my bank.

I then called my bank and explained my issue and requested for them to formally reverse the order. I then called Wonder Core again and explained my stance, and they continue to state that canceling the order was not in my best interest and that I should just return the item once received since it was “shipped.” I am furious and disappointed in such poor customer service, as it is less than 24 hours from the time the order was placed.

5. I brought this from Argos 2 weeks ago. It has left me with what feels like bruising on the left of my back. May be due to having the resistance high as i am fairly fit i found it too easy to use. Would take it back but have thrown the box away. I would not recommend this is you are relatively fit. Therese. Worcestershire.