Why most As seen on TV ab gadgets don’t work?

Those abdominal gadgets on TV infomercials do little to make six pack abs appear or shrink a fat belly. There are tricky and legal ways that the manufacturer does to get around this lie.

Besides, if a heavy woman does hundreds of crunches a day, she may develop strong abs, and they might tighten up a bit, but they’ll still be hidden by fat, and she won’t look any thinner.

So, how to lose fat using the ab gadget?

It seems logical — a toned tummy is the by-product of a million sit-ups. At least that’s what the late-night infomercials lead us to believe. Plus, gym-goers everywhere appear to be using Swiss balls, ab wheels and crunch machines to craft a chiseled core. Case closed: Targeting the midsection is the secret to a shredded stomach.

Not so fast.

1. We can NOT chose one particular body part to lose fat from

When we focus our attention on the science, this convenient way of thinking is not so convincing.

The idea that we can pick and choose the part of the body we’d like to shape-up is misguided at best.

Truth is, targeted fat loss — also known as spot reduction — is a total myth.

According to a 2007 study from the University of Connecticut, participants who underwent a single-arm strength training program didn’t just lose fat from one arm, their fat loss was generalized; meaning it came from all over.

Similarly, in recent study conducted by Los Lagos University in Osorno, Chile, exercisers who complete single-leg exercises were able to reduce fat mass, though not necessarily in the singled-out body part.

TV advertising shows a hefty woman or husky man before their use of the ab exercise equipment, and then after: often significant fat reduction.

The men and women models using these ab exercise devices or little gadgets have nice lean muscles and slick abs.

2. Ab exercise machines ALONE can’t provide enough fat burning workouts to slash belly and overall fat

No. They lead you to believe that one little gadget, that slides under your bed or that easily folds up, can bring a 180 pound woman’s body down to 130 — that all you need do is gently rock back and forth or twist and turn while watching TV…and in six weeks, voila, you will have lost 8 inches off your abs.

They want you to believe that just “minutes a day” on this small gadget, in which all you do is curl up and down or turn side to side, will truly sculpt your shoulders and arms too!

This is what the before and after photos of the people depict in these ads!

You cannot get a buff or toned physique from simply curling up and down or twisting side to side and left to right.

Any kind of curling, bending or twisting motion of your abs has zero effect — I repeat — ZERO effect on fat burning, and a very small effect on leg muscle toning, arm muscle toning, or chest muscle toning.

What these infomercials hide is delivering information about the REST of the program: You must follow the entire accompanying exercise program — if there even IS one, plus their recommended fat loss diet to get these dramatic fitness results.

Actually, sometimes the fat loss program consists of enough product (DVDs, charts, graphs, menu planners, pamphlets, folders, recipe guides) to load up a small wagon.

But 98 percent of the TV infomercial is about that little abdominal gadget that’s supposed to get rid of belly fat.

This creates the illusion that all that any man or woman need do is spend “minutes a day” sliding back and forth or gently crunching to get marvelous results.

3. Spot fat reduction is a myth

Women will do hundreds of leg lifts, and men will do hundreds of crunches and attempt to slim the thighs and waistline. They will become frustrated when their efforts may not pay off.

The reason the layer of fat stays on the thighs, stomach, arms, and so on-even when those areas are worked “in isolation” on a consistent basis-is because fat is like one big unit throughout the body.

Fat stores throughout the body provide energy to the entire body-so, for example, the fat around your waist doesn’t only respond to a call for energy from the abdominal muscles.

Read more on this issue.

Here’s The Truth…

The first thing you need to comprehend is that no matter what the people in the Ab Doer advertisements tell you, the Abdoer 360 WILL NOT directly burn off any of the fat off of your stomach.

None of these other abdominal products and devices will either.

You see, THERE IS ONLY ONE WAY to burn the fat off of your stomach or any other part of your body.

This of course is by creating what’s called a caloric deficit.

A caloric deficit is what happens when you eat less total calories than your body requires to maintain your current weight. What basically happens is that your body then uses your own stored body fat for energy instead, which is the one and only way, fat is lost from any part of the human body… including the stomach.

There is a good abs building workout program called “SpecForce Abs” which will help you create such a calorie deficit. I recommend this program over Ab doer 360.

Now, the next thing you need to know is that everyone sort of has abs and a sexy flat stomach already. I do, you do, the 800lb guy you read about in the news who needs to be lifted out of his house by a crane because he’s too fat to move… everyone does!

The thing is, most people can not see their abs and sexy flat stomach because it’s covered by a layer (or many layers) of fat. Which means the only way to finally see your abs is to burn that fat. And the only way to do that is by eating a proper diet that creates the required caloric deficit I mentioned a minute ago.

The Ab Doer Twist or 360 alone will NOT make this happen. All the Abdoer and any similar ab exercise or machine will do is help build and strengthen your abdominal muscles.

But you see, that won’t do a damn thing for you if you still have a layer of fat covering them!