Extenze Plus review 2019 – Does it work ?

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Overall, a good male enhancement product with very diverse ingredients, that have shown promise in bettering the male sexual life. However, the history behind Extenze brand has been marred with unethical advertising, lawsuits, and FDA warnings. This improved version of the product might be worth a try, although we believe there are better products in the market.


  • Newer, Improved Formula
  • Increases control, and allows for better ejaculation and libido
  • Comes on gradually for natural increased performance
  • Lasts much longer than other pills


  • Misses out on some powerful male enhancement ingredients
  • Not available in all countries because of certain ingredients, namely yohimbe.
  • It’s a bit expensive.
  • Other sites tell you it will grow your size. This is a LIE.
  • Verified reviews on some sites show varying experiences.


Extenze is a male enhancement product and marketed to senior men and also the men of all ages in general, to enhance their sex lives by increasing the time to ejaculation, providing harder erections and penis size increase.

ExtenZe Plus (updated version of previous formula) is a herbal male enhancement supplement that helps improve the strength and frequency erection and boosts libido. The new Extenze plus formula is an extended release version that comes in gel cap (not tablet), which helps in getting absorbed quickly.

It has “Extended release formula” with time-release beadlets, which basically helps in the controlled release of slow metabolizing ingredients (Velvet Bean Extract, Niacin, Yohimbe, Tribulus terrestris, DHEA, and Tongkat Ali) for longer lasting results.

Millions of senior men every year are affected by erectile dysfunction. Although lack of sex potency is something more of a natural occurrence that comes with aging because of declining sex hormones levels and cause the loss of a man’s confidence and self-esteem, either in the bedroom or in regular life. Most men over 50 will look for a product that can provide them with the sexual arousal and sexual potential they might be lacking.

We all know that the male enhancement companies are multi-million dollar industries and they do a good job of convincing men that if they take these pills they will become better in bed and bigger down there.

There is no age bracket that is not trying to obtain these male enhancers like Extenze, somehow due to the amount of pressure that we as a society and in the media puts on sex.

Besides, for men over 50 who are suffering from the medical conditions like erectile dysfunction, low libido etc., such products bring a ray of hope.

Extenze, Lawsuits and Fake Doctors

Just like the many other products in the “male enhancement” industry, Extenze is offering men the chance to increase their genital size and boost their sex life.

However, there are now many such companies facing lawsuits due to false advertising or improper labeling of the ingredients in their products. As it seems, Extenze also has had its fair share of lawsuits.

It is not the first time the world has seen such a ‘miracle’ product. In terms of advertising, Extenze used to fall in the category of Enzyte, (which used to claim a 24-27% penis-size increase and its owner got a prison sentence).

The medical fraternity backing Extenze’s original product seemed to be comprised of fake, phony doctors.

Unlike some more reputed brands like BlueChew which are endorsed by real doctors.

The product was promoted on a popular infomercial featuring Dr. Daniel Stein, a doctor who lies. This infomercial captured the attention of desperate men and this was good marketing.

Dr. Stein wrote this advertisement which appears as a full-page ad in Stuff magazine. In the ad Dr. Stein makes it extremely clear that he has never endorsed any other penis growth pill before. He uses his medical degree to tell men Eztenze can make their penis grow.


But, a closer analysis reveals that he promoted another male enhancement product Alzare, besides Extenze tabs and product lines years ago.

Is the product really good?

Let’s look at the ingredients found in the product.

The Ingredients

  • Micronized DHEA (to increase Testosterone in the body, does a good job)
  • Tribulus Extract (to increase Testosterone again)
  • Deer Velvet Antler (to increase human growth hormone. Read more on this here.)
  • Hops Extract
  • Pregnanolone (3β-hydroxypregn-5-en-20-one)
  • Pumpkin Extract
  • Eleuthero Extract
  • Korean Ginseng
  • Yohimbe
  • Black pepper (seed)
  • Piper longum (seed)


The sheer variety of ingredients in this supplement is a strong positive. Assuming the quality of the herbal extracts in the product is good, Extenze does seem to be a worthwhile product. Some of these ingredients are also found in products like Androzene, Rhino Pills and other products for mens sexual health like HGH boosters.


Cons of Extenze

However, there are the following cons:-

1. It misses out on some more powerful male enhancement herbal ingredients. Therefore, it’s unable to target all the hormonal mechanisms of male enhancement. For a more comprehensive list of male enhancement pills and their ingredients, refer to this article on GroundnPound.org


2. It contains the chemical from the Cameroonian tree called, Yohimbe. It’s a powerful stimulant and has some serious side effects associated with it. These include: abnormal heart beat, dizziness, headaches, and insomnia. The chemical boosts sexual desire and energy. People suffering from heart conditions should definitely avoid this. Here are two bad reviews on Amazon, regarding the effects of yohimbe in Extenze Plus:-

This product has been around for a long time so it must work for most. This is just MY story.
I took one pill as directed and within 2 hours I had really bad stomach pain and nausea. I was freezing with goosebumps so bad my skin hurt. My head and chest hurt because my blood pressure went to 187/91 and my pulse was 102.
By afternoon I had diarrhea and I could not pee. Peeing was accomplished by sitting on the toilet for an hour letting gravity do its work.
Your probably not suppose cut these pills in half but I just spent over $60 and wanted them to work so I tried to cut the dose in half. Everything was the same as before it just didn’t last as long.
If this is the first time you’ll be trying these pills make sure it’s on a day with nothing else to do.
– Bill Hammons


Made him gittery. Didn’t enhance anything. – Karen B

3. The exact quantities of ingredients is not known, and considering its relatively affordable price than other similar products, it seems the ingredients are underdosed.

4. Coupled with some “unethical marketing” and huge number of consumer complaints, it definitely raises red flag.

5. There are better products in the market, like several gas station pills and other over the counter male enhancement pills, some of them have also undergone strict clinical studies to gauge their effectiveness. Read more about one such product Vigrx Plus.


The statements offered by the parent company informing us that ExtenZe is a blood-flow stimulator doesn’t really tell us very much. In what ways does it stimulate blood flow to allow a reversal of Erectile Dysfunction(ED)? Is it directly affecting vascular tissue; but if so, what are the implications of its effect on heart tissue? It seems that figuring out how it works is left to the reader.

Other critical questions that immediately come to mind are: What chemicals are used in this product? How is it that its alleged “natural” make-up is somehow better at maximizing an erection? Is it truly a safe product?

Interestingly, FDA had issued a warning against this product, mentioning that it contains hidden drug ingredient, sildenafil (ingredient in viagra).

The combination of lawsuits, unethical advertising, FDA warning, under-dosing of ingredients, presence of yohimbe, makes us suggest you give this product a pass.

More unethical marketing done in the past by Extenze

Absolutism in claims

Extenze plus website makes a wide variety of claims that need to be substantiated. The site states that their product can:

  • Enlarge the penile erection and penis size.
  • Way more larger and frequent erections
  • More intense orgasms and cumshots will be experienced
  • The penile erection is quicker to obtain and more reliably
  • The desire, performance and pleasure is enhanced significantly
  • Does improve endurance, sexual pleasure and penile tip sensitivity
  • Now can enjoy stronger and longer lasting erections

The use of absolutism in descriptions of the efficacy of the product should alert a buyer right away. There should at least be a caveat emptor acknowledging that not all participants will experience the same results. Even the most irresponsible of late-night infomercial kings will at least provide a disclaimer.

Auto billing program

In 2006, the company behind Extenze was fined $300,000 dollars. They were also told to stop giving the impression that the product could increase penis size by 24%. Yet the company continued to sell and scam men out of their money and continued with their deceptive advertising.

The way the company would lure people in, was by forcing the consumers to sign up for their auto billing program. The program fee was $30 and then the additional price of the product.

People would give their credit card information, only to realize that they have been charged multiple times. The company said they had a money back guarantee after 30 days, which of course, turned out to be a lie. The customer support workers would claim to have lost the refund request, leaving the consumers lost and without a refund.

You can read more about  free trial scams.

It is important for consumers of today to make sure they perform the required research on a product before signing up for a free trial.

Whether it is a medical product, herbal supplement like Extenze, or a website selling cheap designer purses, these products can well be a scam, cheating consumers out of their money.

Without conducting research, consumers can find themselves trying to apply for a refund only to be rejected and stuck with the loss of potentially hundreds or thousands of dollars.

Remember, cheap is not good. Free trials are worst. The same also applied to sexual enhancement products like gels and lubricants, remember to always use high quality ones.


Overhyped affiliate promotions

Conducting a search for the “truth of Extenze” reveals a number of sites that do nothing more than further promote the product without any evidence of its claims. One website,  for instance, can obviously be a marketing arm for their product.

Another site DiscountExtenzeonline.com used to have a similar design and feel as the Extenzetruth.com site.

It also seems rather apparent that this is another marketing arm for the ExtenZe product line. Extenzemensolutions.com comes up when you google search “Extenze composition” and is once again a marketing arm for the product.

The information is sometimes copied and pasted from site to site.

We can see Extenze and Extenze Plus are being over-promoted by affiliate marketers and fake biased review websites.

There was also a blogger who took ExtenZe for a month and decided to post his results (Dyrko, 2008.). He reported no significant change; that it’s “a failure”. Unfortunately, blogs like his get drowned out by the plethora of promotional sites that ExtenZe has built up. The internet researcher would have to search for “Extenze Scam” or “Extenze fraud” to find contradicting information!