Cenegenics Review – Does this age management practice and anti-aging system work?

A wide range of anti-aging supplements and systems can be found out there in the world. Cenegenics hold a prominent place out of them. In fact, Cenegenics is recognized as the best age management practice that you can see in the modern world. The company was established back in 1997 and they have over 16 different facilities throughout USA at the moment.

The secret behind the success is that they follow a personalized approach to enhance the production of anti-aging hormones within human body. These hormones include DHEA, testosterone and growth hormone as well.

The hormone therapy offered by Cenegenics has the potential to make necessary changes that are required to reverse the aging process in a natural way. As a result, people who go through Cenegenics will get the opportunity to enhance their standard of living in a convenient manner.

The production of hormones within the human body reduces along with age. This fact is applicable to both men and women. This reduction of hormones has the ability to bring in a wide range of health issues such as obesity, disorder, tiredness and mood swings. The main objective of anti-aging treatments is to slow down aging and keep people away from these health conditions. That’s where Cenegenics come into play.

Cenegenics is equipped with an all-around mechanism in order to help people slow down the aging process. In other words, it comes along with a low glycemic diet, a workout plan and a nutritional supplement that can control the body hormones in an effective manner. When combined, these methods have the potential to give life to a healthy system within the body. It will be customized as per the requirements of the body.

What is the price of Cenegenics?

Cenegenics has given life to a natural anti-aging program that can deliver customized results to the consumers. Therefore, any person who is looking forward to slow down the aging process can think of spending money on this product.

Cenegenics does not sell expensive anti-oxidant products like other companies. It follows a natural and a personalized approach and this method can be considered as the most rewarding method available to make required changes within the body.

As a result, Cenegenics can deliver effective results that can last for a long period of time as well. However, Cenegenics is not the cheapest or most affordable method available out there in the market for you to experience anti-aging benefits. Therefore, you will have to spend a considerable amount of money in order to experience all the above mentioned health benefits.

In order to subscribe to Cenegenics, you will have to bear the expenses of a trip that will cost around $3,000 and $4,000. In addition, you will need to spend money for resort lodgings and airfare as well.

The other anti-aging methods such as HGH injections will cost you about $1,500 per month and you will need to spend around $600 – $900 per year for nutritional supplements.

What are the alternatives available for Cenegenics and why you should think about them?

  1. Cenegenics program has the ability to deliver positive results to you. For example, it will assist you to improve physical appearance, think sharper, increase libido, feel more energy, reduce body fat, increase muscle tone and get a good overall outlook on the life. However, Cenegenics can also cause several negative effects, especially if you try the injections. For instance, they can make your body swell and you will have to experience headaches along with increased blood pressure. In the worst case, Cenegenics can increase your risk of getting heart diseases, diabetes and cancer. You should also note that all the people who go through Cenegenics will not have to experience these negative effects. Therefore, it is better if you can seek the assistance of your family doctor before you try Cenegenics.
  2. The same vitamins and hormones that are delivered by Cenegenics can be obtained from other sources as well. Or else, you can simply replace those hormones with a reliable anti aging supplement like Genf20 Plus. This will assist you to save around $100-$200 per month.

    Are you spending too much on Cenegenics?

    A hormone replacement therapy will not cost you a significant amount of money. Therefore, you don’t need to think about spending thousands of dollars when you can get the same health benefits from an affordable alternative. For example, supplements such as Genf20 Plus can improve the growth hormone production within the body safely and effectively. Such methods are recommended by reputed doctors such as Steven Lamm as well.

  3. You are spending a lot of money on Cenegenics. It doesn’t guarantee that you will receive a treatment of the best quality. In fact, the higher price tag is one of the biggest complaints that is associated with Cenegenics. In other words, you will have to spend around $18,000 to $20,000 per year for this treatment. It can increase due to several other factors.

    There are some anti-aging experts and organizations who claim that aging is a natural and inevitable process. Therefore, they don’t believe on the available anti-aging systems such as Cenegenics. Therefore, the credibility associated with such methods employed by  Cenegenics is little questionable as well.

  4. The risk associated with Cenegenics is still unknown. In fact, the GH treatment and testosterone replacement can cause side effects for older people. On the other hand, for some people who have used Cenegenics, this has not shown any significant clinical benefits as well. In addition, you can find better alternatives for testosterone replacement, such as PrimeMale. It is a natural supplement and is associated with a limited number of side effects.
  5. The anti-aging hormones are being promoted via unethical marketing methods. Anti-aging experts and endocrinologists usually do not involve in the marketing process of these methods. On the other hand, responsible authorities such as FDA follow a proactive approach when watching them.
  6. It has been identified that hormone replacement therapies, including synthetic and biodentical can cause side effects when used for a long period of time. Once lef.org quoted statement of FDA, which urged aging women to stay away from the prolonged use of unnatural hormone drugs. When you take such hormones for a long period of time, you will have to experience a variety of health issues such as cancer. That’s because your body isn’t really ready to accept external hormones. Instead, it prefers to create and assemble hormones within the body.
    The Ayurvedic medications and herbal formulas like Genf20 Plus and PrimeMale do not inject hormones directly to the human body. Instead, they offer an excellent support to the human body and make it create internal hormones in a natural way. This fact has been proven from Dr. Steven Lamm as well.
  7. It is possible to find safer herbals such as natural HRT than Cenegenics. In fact, it is much safer than BHRT and HRT. This fact have been proven by some of the reputed physicians as well. That’s why they always encourage individuals who have low testosterone levels and menopause symptoms to try natural treatment methods as much as possible. They have recommended a large number of internal methods to create hormones instead of external methods.
    Only natural methods have the ability to help endocrine system of the human body to fix itself. On the other hand, the human body prefers to heal it in such a manner.

So why you should think about artificial methods when physicians like Dr. Steven Lamm encourage you to go for natural methods?

People who are looking for natural anti-aging treatment methods are provided with a wide range of options to consider as well. You can simply include those treatment methods to your diet and experience the results in return.

Red clover natural supplements can also be considered as an excellent method available to help your anti-aging diet plan. It can offer an excellent support to your cardiovascular health. However, you need to be careful not to eat too much yogurts because the bacteria in them can be harmful to the body.

Health experts recommend the consumption of Vitamin E because of its anti-aging properties. In fact, it can help women to stay away from the hot flashes that come as a result of menopause.

If you have tried all the natural treatments available out there, but didn’t receive any positive results, you can think of increasing your growth hormone level in the body. Growth hormone is recognized as the master hormone in human body. That’s because this hormone is responsible for regulating all the other hormones that you can find within the body.

Is hormone therapy associated with any side effects?

Hormones are more like recipes. In other words, a specific hormone within your body cannot go through change without affecting the other hormones.

However, growth hormone, which is also known as the master hormone has the potential to bring back the hormonal equilibrium within human body. This fact has been proven from clinical trials as well. Therefore, it is better to take growth hormone supplement instead of other hormones in order to stay away from side effects.


Natural HGH treatment can be considered as an all-inclusive treatment method available for natural estrogen replacement or natural testosterone replacement. HGH therapy is in a position to offer help people who are worried about their aging.

They are made out of all natural ingredients that are clinically proven by relevant authorities. These ingredients can control the growth hormone level within human body in a natural way and you will not have to experience many side effects.

However, the results delivered by this supplement may differ from person to person. Some will have to experience the fade away of fine lines, where others will have to experience a soft and firm skin.

On the other hand, some people will notice a combination of these results along with weight loss, increased stamina, increased metabolism, greater memory, increased lean muscle mass, better sleep, higher libido, decrease in hot flashes, removal of andropausal and menopausal symptoms and many more.