Dr. Berg’s weight loss diets and intermittent fasting review

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Dr Berg, who’s dedicated to provide free of cost health education and advises to the common people, has come up with yet another interesting and informative video about intermittent fasting. His lucid and catchy style attracts many. When dealing with intermittent fasting, he has tried to explain about it, and how gradually you can embrace that system of eating which involves long hours of fasting! It all seems to be simple, in the first go. However implementation is difficult, when he leaves the door open for you to try for yourself and for how much time you can bear the fasting! There are mixed reviews for his diet plans, suggestions and schemes. There are better plans available like Eat stop Eatwhich guide you completely and push you on a well defined and flexible track of intermittent fasting, with assured results too. So, we recommend Eat stop Eat, provided by a guide who himself is a testimony to it. Abate all perplexities that might lessen your determination!

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Recommended - Eat Stop Eat

The Skinny on Dr. Berg's weight loss

Introduction to Dr Berg’s weight loss methods:

First of all let’s find out who Dr Berg is?(Read more..)

Intermittent fasting by Dr Berg:

Dr Berg in a short video has tried to explain how intermittent fasting can lead to weight loss.(Read more..)

Positive customer reviews:

I have not been to this place of business but have watched all of Dr. Berg's YouTube videos, have his latest book, use some of his products and am experiencing the best health of my life right now. (Read more..)

Negative customer reviews:

I believe Dr. Berg is no more than a scammer whose true purpose is to gouge your pocket book for over $3000 to start a program that includes adrenal acupressure (you can receive for a lot less cost), supplements and diet advice (you can find looking at Dr. Berg's and other YouTube videos on healing adrenal fatigue). (Read more..)
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