Editor’s Note: Why we recommend Smoothie Diet over 10 day green smoothie cleanse

The ‘Smoothie Diet’ is a comprehensive diet plan developed by a certified health coach, that is a life transformation system which not only guarantees you to lose weight, detoxify and feel better than you have ever!

The secret that makes the Smoothie Diet so effective is the Custom 3-Week Weight Loss Schedule. All the smoothies are given in a very specific sequence and frequency to maximize your results.

He provides scientifically backed, meal replacement smoothies that have meticulously researched specific ingredients and nutrient properties to maximize the effectiveness of this program.

All ‘fad’ diets out there in the market or programs that claim to be a ‘quick fix’ are not the solution to problem. Anything that promises sustained results takes time! So you invest some extra days but less of effort here in this 21 day Smoothie diet program, to get lasting results.

No diet works like a miracle overnight, but JJ Smith in her book makes a  dubious claim  that, “By doing this you’ll  never have to worry about weight again!”

We recommend the ‘Smoothie Diet’ over her book to end your confusion to all quick fix plans, which may drive you crazy.

This program specifically addreses the problem of dropping out of diet schedules! The coach says ” You’ll never stick to something you don’t enjoy!” so he has  put in efforts to make it as delicious as possible, and low on budget too so that you enjoy and come back to the program whenever you feel the need.

Only depending on greens as the major irreplaceable ingredient in your diet may become monotonous and you may become unwilling to continue it after 10 days!

All recipies in this plan  have been tried by the coach himself and tested with his clients, bringing out amazing results.

Apart from being enjoyable, the program addresses all you queries and problems. With a support line,  instant response to your mails. Any diet book can be cheaper, but the effectiveness of this program doesn’t cost much! Your groceries will not incude any exotic ingredients which may push your bills up.

Moreover, he allows you to have meals as and when you like, sometimes, even then you will lose weight! Probably not  as fast as by strictly following his advices but still you’ll shred off some pounds. You will get any sort of help from him, during the program.  There won’t be any  need to run to doctors.

While the  book ‘ Green smoothie cleanse’  prominently contains appropriate disclaimers advising readers to consult their doctors or other health professionals before embarking on this green quest for well-being.

What you get in this program:·

  • 36 fat melting meal replacement smoothie recipes
  • Shopping list for each week
  • Smoothie making tips and preparation guide
  • Constant on line support

Continuing on the program for more than 3 weeks will not be harmful in any way. Apart from weight loss, you’ll have better sleep, clearer skin shaprer mind stabilized blood sugar and more!

The final take on this is, that a complete program providing you a variety of fulfilling smoothies, made exclusively to suit your palate so that you enjoy,  and providing  constant on line support,  isn’t an expensive or unfair deal. The results promised will be satisfying and rewarding!