Ezerex reviews

EZEREX is a dietary supplement mainly used to boost the sexual performance. According to the manufacturer’s official website, it can generate – bigger, harder and longer erections, as well as enhance overall performance and stamina of the human body. Apart from it, the manufacturer also claims that – it can also prevent pre-ejaculation.

Notably, there are lots of products available across the market and online stores having identical names and promises. However, here is a closer look about EZEREX –

Ingredients at a Glance

According to the manufacturer’s official website, the supplement contains the following ingredients –

– Bombyx Mori
– Ginger Root
– Horny Goat weed
– Yohimbe
– Cordyceps
– Schizandra Berry
– Rehamannia Root
– Vitamin B3 and
– Korean Ginseng

If we take a look at the ingredients, we must find that, they use basic stimulating substances and due to its ingredients it looks milder than other chemical based or steroid based supplements, additionally, some ingredients that are used in the supplements are mostly used as an energy booster, libido enhance and boost the stamina.

However, the ingredient includes Yohimbe. It is derived from the bark of a tree that usually found in western Africa. The barks are used in traditional African medicine for common health problems such as fever and coughs, not only that, sometimes it also used in leprosy.

As a sex drive enhancer, it increases the blood flow across the genitals, boost endurance and enhances the quality of erections. However yohimbe does come with potential side effects.

Surprisingly, EZEREX does not contain any testosterone booster; it also includes lots of other essential elements. There are definitely better male enhancement products out there.

Pros & Cons

– Good combination of herbs, although not sufficient.


– Quite expensive
– No proper review or research found
– Already some customers not satisfied with the products and have negative experiences
– The formulation does not contain Tribulus Terrestris