Positive customer reviews:

  • I have not been to this place of business but have watched all of Dr. Berg’s YouTube videos, have his latest book, use some of his products and am experiencing the best health of my life right now. I’ve lost 38 pounds from following his “Get Healthy To Lose Weight” approach using his Healthy Keto Diet & Intermittent Fasting suggestions. I’m a Type 2 Diabetic who is having normal blood sugars for the first time in decades (I was able to stop all my insulin injections after following his guidelines for two weeks!)! I am sugar-free and grain-free now and it has made SUCH a difference. I have a tremendous amount of energy each day and look forward to where this wellness journey of mine is taking me. I hope to be totally medication free (getting off all the insulin was just the first step!) in the next year! Thank you, Dr. Berg, for all the education and guidance! (Patti Johnson) 
  • Dr Berg is amazing! He has totally changed mine and my families’ lifestyle only for the better. So many questions have been answered about how to live a healthy life by him. All the products that I have tried by him are high quality. I love all the information he shares and will follow him for the rest of my life!!

(Priyanka Bawa) 

  • One of the best Doctors in the world when you need real prevention and cure for all types of diseases naturally. He knows everything about nutrition and health. Ketogenic diets and so much more. His opinions and videos are extremely helpful and a complete guide to the everlasting well-being.

(Henrique Vendramin)

  • I have not seen Dr Berg in person just enjoy his videos on YouTube. I really like that he is a medical doctor. I feel more comfortable listening to him then another uncertified person. I like the way he writes things out on the white board and presents the information in a manner we can all understand. I feel very fortunate to have found him. I do consider a chiropractor a Doctor. (Bon)
  • Berg has become a staple in our household when it comes to health and diet. Following his protocols have helped me improve insulin resistance, adrenal, thyroid, and even hormonal problems that I have dealt with for years. I would highly recommend him to anyone who wants to transform their health through diet, supplementation, and healthy living. (Stephanie)
  • I have personally benefitted greatly from Dr. Berg’s products and advice. My health was deteriorating due to my thyroid. Dr. Berg’s advice has helped me feel great! I am so grateful for him. I recommend Dr. Berg to everyone (even the people who doubt the information he puts out). (Gena Sabido)