10 Surefire Tips for a Great Marriage

It’s kind of distressing to spot couples that have obviously lost their commitment and passion for each other. From my experience, and years of marriage I felt compelled to compile a small list of things to do in order to maintain a marriage. I hope you find them useful; most are pretty simple, but incredibly effective at the same time –

Take the time to properly greet each other every day. This one should almost be a given, it helps to further maintain mutual respect.

Don’t be afraid to hold hands when out on walks. Try to hold hands as much as possible. It can further solidify the bonds between you and your spouse.

Become a gift giver. I like to surprise my spouse with her favorite brand of coffee whenever I drive by the place. It’s a great way to let your significant other that you are always thinking about them.

Only say things that will further strengthen the relationship. By simply adhering to this one rule alone your marriage will become even more secure.

The bedroom is off limits for arguments. Keep the bedroom sacred, and help each other out whenever possible.

Split your day to day tasks amongst each other based on your personal strengths. Forget about stereotypes, and trying to strictly adhere to them. Sometimes a little role reversal can be refreshing.

Do not scream or shout at your spouse. People who have lost control of their feelings and themselves yell at each other. Take in some physical clues on what it feels like to personally become that angry and make a mental note to avoid it in the future.

Avoid trying to “one-up” your partner, or “win every argument”. Try to logically work your problems out together, and hopefully arrive at a solution. So in essence, you are trying to solve the problem and not simply ‘doing things that way you want them done”.

Create / set aside daily time for bonding. Stay together as long as possible, and don’t let stress intervene. Never let your last contacts with your partner drift beyond a couple of days.

Enjoy intercourse together. Studies show that couples who get frisky in the bedroom not only stick together, but also are happier in general. That’s one of the big differences between being friends and being married. Take the time to experiment with your spouse to determine the absolute best schedule and gameplan.

Remember, Intimacy and a satisfying sex life go hand in hand with each other. And Great marriage means great sex life and vice versa.

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