How one couple solved their sexual dysfunction caused by aging ?

Maturity is something which can be disappointing and till date there has been no remedy to actually cure this ailment – Kurt Vonnegut Jr., Cat’s Cradle, 1963.

William and Margaret has a lovely sex life all through their 40 years of married life. They always refrained themselves from getting into any nit and adhered to meet each other’s needs basically every night.

Both of them were exceptionally active and healthy and used to play tennis together regularly in spite of both of them crossing 70 years of age. During some point of time, both of them have noticed that William had a soft, although an adequate erection.

It took time for William to get an adequate erection and required extra efforts from his partner. Unless both of them were not completely focused on their sexual pleasures, William was never able to get the required erection that is enough to penetrate. Margaret on the other had had crossed menopause and hence the vaginal dryness did not help her.

While visiting his doctor, William discussed his desire to try out Viagra. It was known that at his age, opting for Viagra was not the right option and hence doctor had to ask him exactly the magnitude of trouble he is facing while having sex with his partner.

William said that he does not face any problem in case he gets sufficient rest. And in case they wait until late night for sex; he is unable to achieve erection and is unable to enjoy sex.

He also felt that playing tennis and then getting completely tired left him with no reserves to perform for the night. When he was asked which was the most successful night when he enjoyed sex, he said the night before last night. He further said that if he could get a Viagra prescribed, then he can well get prepared for tonight.

There are very few couples in the whole world who prefer having sex every second day, so how it was possible for William and Margaret to get it done at their age.

William and his wife believed that every night is just the right night for them to enjoy sex and they have been following this philosophy since the time they were married and they feel that they must continue it even now.

Men, the older they get, more problems begin to grow. The chances of being impotent in men are higher as they grow in age. These conditions are likely to increase as the age of a man increases and by the time they grow old, all these problems will begin to take its effect and slowly damage their system.

Well, that does not actually mean that men must stop sex as they grow older, the only problem will be that the frequency of sex will reduce and even it might take extra efforts to have sex.

However, there has been no reasons found that men is not able to continue having erections in spite of growing old until they reach a point where they are keenly not interested in having sex.

The time taken for erection is a lot more in men as they grow older and hence either they or their partners are often frustrated and distracted and thereby are quite unhappy with such a situation.

Foreplay is very important during such times where couples are able to communicate physically and freely.

It is good if the couple can enjoy foreplay for a long period of time and then wait for nature to do its work which can be quite rewarding as both the partners will not get too anxious or too frustrated when they indulge in foreplay.

In case both the partners are supportive and loving; it might actually help in increasing their sexual relationship mature to an all new higher stage.

But it is often found that couple always do the opposite or follow the other way round. The men never indulge in foreplay and start getting frustrated while the woman starts getting angry or suspicious.

When such things occur, it is very important that both the partners try to understand each others feelings before any permanent damage is caused. It is advised to go slowly and enjoy the new phases of life.

Earlier, William used to play three or four hours of rigorous tennis which had now become two hours of active tennis play.

He said he often took small naps in between hours and at times he never had the energy to even do their yard work. It was then that he realized that things were beginning to slow down in his life.

We explained to him that slowing down in everything does not mean that he has to stop completely. His “refractory period” between erections was now such that he never got any second erection after an orgasm or ejaculation.

Margaret too said that it is high time that they try to slow down but at the same time she does not wish to hurt her husband.

A couple of months later, William informed us that he had a remarkable improvement in his erections that too without the use of medications. They had agreed to give priority to quality rather than quantity and hence they planned to start making love only once every week.

They decided to get into sexual foreplay every weekend mainly because it was during that time when both used to get enough rest. Margaret had very little difficulty with dryness in the vagina.

They also increased their foreplay and therefore both the partners got extra stimulation by the time the actual penetration took place. Life turned out to be good all over again for both William and Margaret.