A Four Ingredient Recipe for Hot Sex and Intimacy

There isn’t really a recipe that can quickly make the intimacy deeper and the sex hotter. Achieving either of those results takes some time. There are four categories that you and your partner can work on that will make the path to deep connection and mind-blowing intercourse smoother.

Intimacy takes time and effort to cultivate so it gets its own category. There are many ways to build intimacy with your partner. The simplest way is to say “I love you” every day. Many couples get in the habit of assuming that their partner knows it already. Actually hearing the words strengthens the intimacy level.

Sharing and discussion also build the intimacy level. You and your partner should be able to discuss any sexual dissatisfaction with each other. Try to keep these talks out of the bedroom and in more neutral zones like the meal table or during a walk.

When you are in bed, try to share your feeling a few times a week. This isn’t fix-it time. This is just a time for each partner to give freedom to their emotions. Make sure that you talk about the importance of intimacy and possibly eroticism between you. You should both feel comfortable enough to make a couple of emotional or sexual requests of each other.

The next category is non-demand pleasure. Some men may turn their heads like a dog that just heard a strange high-pitched sound on this one. This is pleasurable touching that doesn’t involve the happy parts. A sensual massage or simply kissing like teenagers in their parent’s basement will suffice.

Take turns in who gets the touching as well as who does the touching. This may be a nuance for couples that always share mutual touching. It can also add some sizzle if the less dominate partner takes the touching lead.

The next topic is eroticism. This can be an awkward topic so both partners need to be comfortable with it. Eroticism is basically just changing the way you and your partner do the sex act. It can be simple like changing the location. Maybe have sex in an unexpected part of the house instead of just the bedroom.

It can also include changing your sexual game a little. You can let one partner achieve orgasm without expecting the favor returned. Changing intercourse positions during the session can also increase the erotic level. You may have to do a little research, especially if you want to increase each others sexual resume.

Both couples should feel free to introduce a new external stimulus to the intercourse encounter. This can cover a wide variety of options like adult movies, erotic literature and even adult toys. It is important that both couples are comfortable with the idea whatever it may be.

The final category is satisfaction. Intimacy doesn’t stop after the climax. Intimacy builds most often during the moments after orgasm. You and your partner should try to find a way to share the moments after sex. You can use this time to cuddle or talk. Just find something that works for both of you.

Satisfaction is influenced a lot by what happens before the bedroom moment. You and your partner should discuss your thoughts on enhancing your sex life before the encounter happens. It is important that both partners listen and acknowledge the other one’s ideas.

It may help to set a special time to introduce the intimacy or new erotic exercise. This way both partners can prepare physically and mentally. Make sure that you set aside a special time after the encounter that shows both appreciation for your partner and helps strengthen your couple connection.

Intimacy and a satisfying sex life go hand in hand with each other. There is no sure-fire recipe for sexual satisfaction. Incorporating and building on these categories can make the relationship better in and out of bed.