Truth : How to really burn abdominal fat?

Selecting a single body part that needs shrinking can lead to a let down. Because exercises associated with spot reduction burn fewer calories (this is the case with Ab doer 360, the workouts just don’t burn enough calories to have any significant effect), the ideal fat loss formula targets a bigger bull’s eye – the entire body, though an effective mix of strength training, cardio and nutrition.

There is a good abs building workout program called “SpecForce Abs” which will help you target the layer of fat covering your abs. We recommend this program over Ab doer 360.

Keep in mind, that spot fat reduction is a myth, that’s why products like most Ab gadgets, or IT works body wraps, FlexBelt etc. don’t work for majority of people out there.

SpecForce Abs system is designed by military fitness expert Todd Lamb and consists of some awesome strategies employed by military sports scientists that work far better than conventional abs workouts like crunches.

We recommend this program over Ab Doer 360, because it’s definitely much better to spend $29 on some quality information than spending around $200 on an inefficient abs gadget which has very little chances of working for you.

Strength training: Starting in the weight room, experts recommends heavy, compound movements, such as barbell squats, deadlifts or power cleans. Next, he suggests mixing in some conditioning exercises like kettlebell swings, sprints, sled pushes and HIIT training to maintain muscle mass while leaning out. Conditioning doesn’t just entail high-intensity intervals, though.

Cardio: For fat loss, fitness and nutrition expert Ben Greenfield recommends “a mix of long slow cardio sessions on an empty stomach and high-intensity cardiovascular intervals.”

According to Greenfield, running in the fasted state, or on an empty stomach, allows the body to tap into fat stores. Similarly, he too suggests interval training for its calorie-burning, fat-targeting effects. By alternating between periods of all-out effort and brief periods of recovery, interval training revs up the metabolism, torches fat and improves overall fitness.

Plus, these calorie-burning benefits can have a lasting impact, Greenfield says. “Depending on how hard you’ve worked … you burn anywhere from a few dozen to over a hundred extra calories each hour after you exercise, for up to 24 hours after you’ve finished.” Think of it as the exercise afterburn effect, or Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption (EPOC) if you’re fancy.

Nutrition:- When it comes to fat loss, diet is often the deal breaker. Don’t sabotage your workouts by disregarding how you fuel your body. Stick to a diet that’s high in protein, and includes fresh vegetables, some fruit and healthy sources of fat, such as almonds and avocados.

Limiting consumption of processed foods, refined sugar and alcohol can also make a big difference when it comes to body composition. Certain techniques, such as carb cycling, might also be effective at preserving muscle and helping the body burn more fat. Science Says…

While targeted fat loss might be a convenient truth, researchers and experts agree that the science suggests otherwise. Paying special attention to one spot versus another won’t pay off.

But, a big picture approach will. From strength training to interval-based cardio to proper nutrition — going three for three is the best bet for reducing fat everywhere.

For all these comprehensive strategies that burn fat throughout the body, and thereby help burning the belly fat and building abs, we recommend you check out SpecForce Abs system.

Take-Home Points

  • If you want to see your abs, eat better, lift weights and perform cardio.
  • The abdominals are designed mostly for stability – avoid too much forward movement (flexion), side to side movement (side flexion) and twisting (rotation).
  • Planks, side planks, controlled hip lifts and short range bicycles work very well as do partial cable crunches.
  • Under the majority of circumstances, you likely don’t need any machine or gadget at all. If you are going to buy one thing, I recommend you make it a stability ball.
  • If you find gadgets motivate you to perform ab exercises and they are safe, by all means use them – provided you add some variety.