Virectin reviews

Virectin Product Overview

Virectin boasts of 16 ingredients that are associated with helping with male sexual issues including the prostate health. The idea is that an erection will be better when the blood flow to the genital area increases.

Granted, some of the ingredients in Virectin are really quite interesting;  yohimbe, fenugreek and L-Arginine, among others which do have health benefits but the website makes certain medical claims and have no scientific proofs provided to back them up.

Product Details

The website’s  lists of Virectin’s ingredients those found in many male enhancement products, because they are designed to affect male desire. There are however a great many negative reviews available on different websites, so as with any OTC medicine, little caution should be in order. While Virectin proclaims it is 98% effective, there are no studies acting as proofs. Seems to be a little over the top marketing.


  •  Virectin claims that it is 98% effective; they have however not provided with scientific proofs to support the claim.
  • 60 day risk free trial (return less shipping).
  • Occasional offers of coupon code for a discount.


  • No Doctor Testimonials
  • No definite Clinical Studies
  • Quite Expensive for a product that has not undergone a clinical study

Bottom Line

Virectin doesn’t seem that exceptional, really. Although it has some of the ingredients known for male enhancement, its potency is not yet proven. The absurd, unproven “98%” claim doesn’t work in their favor either. Advertising is well and good but to make up statistics for boosting sales seems at least fraudulent, if not anything else.

They do offer a money back guarantee, but there are other brands that do too, whose products have better ingredients, show real results proven under clinical trials at medical facility and are also backed by medical doctors.

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