How can Eurycoma longifolia(Longjack) help you sexually?

Eurycoma longifolia is commonly known as – tongkat ali or pasak bumi. It is a traditional herb widely used in different parts of Asia like – China, India and Malaysia due to its remedial benefits. It is mainly used as a libido enhancer. Now a day, due to its therapeutic features, it is now cultivated worldwide and widely used in health supplements to overcome the sexual problems.

Protects Against Cancer

Tongkat ali is also known for its cancer protecting abilities. It has the agents that can prevent lung and breast cancer. In recent research, the health care specialists included it in several supplements from both perspectives, it not only increase sex drive but also protect the user from two different cancer types.

General Health

In Asia, it is also used as a remedy for following health issues – fever, malaria, dysentery and other common health problems.

Boosts Testosterone Levels

Tongkat ali is primarily used to increase the testosterone level and that is why it is most preferred health supplements for men specially for better sex or for bodybuilding (example Andro 400). The main reason of its popularity is – it is completely natural and don’t have any side effects that are usually involved with steroids or other herbal formulations.

Improves Sexual Performance

Eurycoma longifolia or Tongkat ali is considered as an herbal Viagra in Malaysia, but surprisingly Tongkat ali, unlike Viagra doesn’t have any side effects, whereas Viagra has serious side effects in some cases.

It is completely risk free and very much effective as an aphrodisiac and a libido booster. It simply increases the testosterone level and enhances sexual performance in several ways like – intense orgasm, longer and harder erections, boost in energy and vitality and improved sperm quality.

Side Effects of Tongkat Ali

According to researchers and some reports from clinical tests, it is safer than steroid and don’t have side effects like steroids and safe for human use. In fact, it has been used for thousands years in Asia for wide varieties of general health problems and everyone has benefited from it who just take it as a medicine.

Usually, Tongkat Ali can be found in many dietary supplements, normally, it is available in two different forms – powder and pills. The User should take one gram of Eurycoma Longifolia no longer than one month. It is quite affordable, the price starts from $25-$55 for a 60 capsule bottle.

Pros & Cons


– It boosts the testosterone level and virility
– Can help to fight against two different types of cancer
– Contains basic herbal extracts
– You can find lots of testimonials on Tongkat Ali products like Andro 400 and Nugenix Ultimate


– Sometimes it may be toxic if it is taken too long or too much
– According to some surveys, it has some side effects like enlarged prostate and insomnia.
– The Products might be expensive
– Not manufactured in the USA
– Some consumers also have negative experiences