How Hormones Help in Normal Erection

When Mark was diagnosed with prostate cancer, it came as a shock for him and his wife Kelly. Mark was a photographer and he was 53 years of age.

They both had one of the most memorable marriages ever and were in love with each other even after 20 years into their marriage. Kelly was such a beauty that even in her 40s, she resembled a college going girl who will be in her early 20s.

Unluckily, the cancer had already advanced to a higher stage even before it was detected and therefore there was no possible cure.

When the prostate cancer reaches its advanced stage, it will need blocking of the male hormone called testosterone. Mark decided to block the testosterone with the help of a chemical injection which shuts the testicular production.

Prior to Mark getting diagnosed for Prostate cancer, both he and Kelly were sexually very active for at least about 3 times per week and that was the main part why their relationship was full of life for so many years.

When Mark and Kelly were informed during a discussion that there are chances of the treatment which will be conducted with Mark might make it difficult for him to enjoy natural erection, both of them agreed that their priority is not the erection but to get the cancer root treated.

Kelly said ‘There is no way I can have sex with Mark, if he is dead’. So Mark was administered the first injection during that particular visit and he was called to come back for the next injection after a period of three months.

They left the clinic requesting a plan where they can get sexually involved for as long as they wish to and that they will call upon the doctor in case Mark needed treatment for a certain erectile dysfunction.

For the next three months, there were literally no calls made by Mark or Kelly with their doctors. They only called to complain about weakness suffered by each partner during sex. They both were excessively overused due to their daily routine intercourse and had mutually agreed to back out because both were completely tired.

The only problem which both of them found out was that Mark was beginning to lose interest. This could be probably due to continuous sexual encounters both were enjoying rather than due to any mental or physical changes.

After about a year after Mark began taking treatment for prostate cancer, he and his wife Kelly moved out of the state and returned to a more arguable sex frequency of about two to three times in a week.

This was actually much more than what Mark expected but for Kelly, it was alright, there was no change. His blood test called PSA which is used for monitoring the cancer, luckily did not detect any cancer in Mark which indicated a great response. They even declined an offer to go for Viagra for erection.

Till recently, it was found out that the physical impotence was related to lower testosterone levels that are the sex hormone of a male. This type of condition was known as hypogonadism, which means that the gonadal testosterone production is rather low (‘hypo-‘).

When it was assumed that hypogonadism, the main factor to cause impotence did make sense and we all know that men without any testicles (eunuchs) will not be able to get an erection, right?

Most of the times wrong eunuchs were selected to protect wives, concubines or other females all through the history mainly because of the belief that eunuchs could not have sex.

But, as already mentioned earlier, it was found out that eunuchs were able to get quite a good quantity of erections. And hence, these eunuchs were often kept to fulfill the sexual desires of the females who had actually hired them for protection.

This was a dirty little secret which nobody knew. Though the eunuchs could enjoy sex with their female partners, females never used to get pregnant since eunuchs never produced any sperms although it was found out that they were able to have a decent erection and were also able to ejaculate.

This protected the women and the truth about the erection and testosterone. This clearly proves that testosterone is actually not crucial for erections but yet it does not answer the real role which these male hormones play.

It is believed that the main role which testosterone plays in erections is in the libido. Libido means sexual desire and not sexual performance. A person having a strong libido or sexual desire will definitely have a great desire for enjoying sex.

But this is only a desire and it does not actually involve having sex. Many men who are affected with erectile dysfunction are high on libido and they prefer having sex but are unable to fulfill their sexual desire.

In case their libido is less, their erectile dysfunction would not be a great concern since their desire for having sex would not take place at all. But, in case their partner’s libido too was high then there cannot be any option but to have sex.

That is the reason why men who are having lower levels of testosterone usually do not complain since they might not be missing out on what they are supposed to be missing.

There are many men who are enjoying life in spite of their low levels of libido as long as they are with their partners who can provide them with proper erection.