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If you are interested in obtaining any of the materials listed below please follow the instructions under each item.


Bright Futures for Families offers a variety of materials and resources developed specifically for families to complement the Bright Futures publications and materials used by health care professionals. Families want and need materials that have the same information used by their health care providers, written in a way that they can understand and easily refer back to when needed. Through the support of our public, non-profit and corporate partners we will be developing new materials. These existing and new family friendly materials:

Provide valuable information about child development and what to
  expect, from infancy through adolescence.

Help families form partnerships with their providers.

Empower families to advocate for the health care needs of their

Encourage families to help their children gradually assume
  responsibility for their own health care.


Bright Futures Materials Available from Family Voices

Family Pocket Guide: Raising Healthy Infants, Children and Adolescents

Bright Futures Pocket Guide - English Bright Futures Pocket Guide - Espanol



The Family Pocket Guide covers:

  • How to choose and work with a health care provider
  • How your child grows from birth to age 21
  • What will happen at each health care visit
  • What to expect when your child gets older and more

To get a complimentary copy of the Family Pocket Guide, contact the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) Information Center at (888) ASK-HRSA or (888)275-4772. Please reference #MCHN022 for the Pocket Guide (English) or #MCHN00187 for the Pocket Guide (Spanish). To get more information about bulk order possibilities contact us.

Health Care Visit Checklist for all Children Including Children with Special Health Care Needs Health Care Visit Checklist developed by Family Voices

Checklist A child's health visit is a key time for families and health care providers to share information and observations about the child's development. This checklist helps families prepare for health visits so that they can develop a good relationship with their child's health care provider.


Click here for the PDF version of the Health Care Visit Checklist or Click here for the online version of the Health Care Visit Checklist.

For information on how to obtain bulk orders of the Health Care Visit Checklist please contact us.

Family + Health Care Professionals = Partners for Healthy Children

Family Partnership Families make health decisions for their children every day. Ideally, they know the importance of immunizations and regular check-ups. They understand that good health depends on family routines, including healthy meals, physical activity, and discipline. And, families work with health care professionals to build the strong partnerships that are so important in supporting healthy children.

This handout contains information and resources for you and your family to foster communication in the family/professional partnership.

Click here for the PDF version of Partners for Healthy Children.

For information on how to obtain bulk orders of Partners for Healthy Children please contact us.

Click here for Family TalkcardsFamily TalkcardsFamily Talkcards developed by Family Voices

Group discussion game designed to bring Bright Futures concepts to families to bridge the gap between guidelines and practice. The intent of the Talkcards is to encourage families to share parenting ideas and strategies so others will have a range of options to think about when making their own decisions.

For information on how to obtain the Family Talk Cards please contact us.

Bright Futures: Family MattersHeart
A free electronic newsletter for families and professionals about news, information, and activities in the maternal and child health community. To subscribe, send an email to Bev Baker-Ajene.

Family Matters 2009 issues (in PDF format)
2008 issues (in PDF format)
2007 issues (in PDF format)
2006 issues (in PDF format)
2005 issues (in PDF format)
2004 issues (in PDF format)
2003 issues (in PDF format)
2002 issues (in PDF format)
2001 issues (in PDF format)


Transitions- Growing Up and AwayHeart
For many families this will be a year to get ready to launch a son or daughter into the next phase of like after high school.
Click here for ten points to consider (HTML version).
Click here (PDF version).

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Graphic of Family Voices materials =Materials developed by Family Voices

Bright Futures Health Professional Materials
Available from The American Academy of Pediatrics

(click on any title below for more information and how to order)

American Academy of Pediatric Bright Futures Bright Futures: Guidelines for Health Supervision of Infants, Children,
and Adolescents (2nd ed., Revised) and Pocket Guide

Bright Futures in Practice: Mental Health, Volume I & II

Bright Futures in Practice: Nutrition (2nd Edition) and Pocket Guide

Bright Futures in Practice: Physical Activity

Additional Bright Futures Materials Available from
The National Center for Education in Maternal and Child Health

(click on any title below for more information and how to order)

Bright Futures at Georgetown University Bright Futures Family Tips Sheets (in English and Spanish)

Bright Futures Nutrition Family Fact Sheets (in English and Spanish)

Bright Futures Encounter Forms for Families (in English and Spanish)

Your Child's Health Record (in English and Spanish)

Bright Futures Encounter Forms for Health Professionals

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Also please contact us with problems downloading documents from our site, comments or questions on the materials offered, information about your experiences or activities with Bright Futures in your state and with any suggestions and comments on how this site can be more helpful to you and families.


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