Blue Star Nutraceuticals Status review

Supposing that you are beginning to observe a reduction in testosterone, the concept of a 178% raise in free testosterone seems like something you would really be comfortable with. The male body is full of stuffs when young but as the body advances, most of those stuffs tend to depreciate. At mid 30s to mid 40s, this change becomes quite obvious.
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Blue star status is an organic testosterone booster that alleges it could change this style and get you back to normal.

What Exactly Is Blue Star Nutraceuticals?

Blue star nutraceuticals is an all-organic substitute to artificial low testosterone redress procedures like testosterone injections and gels. A lot of men suffering from low testosterone frequently seek hormone replacement healing treatment which entails taking a lot of artificial testosterone injections every week.

Hormone replacement healing treatment might work although this could be utterly costly and result in a lot of adverse effects. The entire procedure causes in a lot of discomfort. Furthermore, the injected testosterone is synthetic and could be rebuffed by the body. The male body prefers to use its own testosterone and that’s the reason why artificial procedures might be threatening and unproductive.

Testosterone gels are basically identical to the injection concept, but the only difference is that you administer the artificial testosterone expediently on the skin. The aforementioned issues also occur with this procedure as with the hormone replacement healing treatment and there is absolutely an extra disadvantage… the testosterone gel might be transmitted to your spouse and children and make them to suffer some adverse effects. That’s the reason why you shouldn’t purchase this type of product.


Using a natural testosterone booster like Blue Star Status has a lot of advantages.

You get a lot of the benefits of testosterone replacement therapy, but you don’t need to worry about side effects like you would if you were using something prescribed by your doctor.

These include:

  • Increased energy for workouts and for general daily activities.
  • Improved mood.
  • Greater strength for workouts, leading to better results.
  • Easier fat loss and muscle gain.
  • Boosted sex drive and performance.

How Blue Star Status Works

Blue Star Status is all natural. The idea is that it boosts testosterone levels naturally. It also blocks a significant amount of its conversion to estrogen. Typically, some testosterone is converted to estrogen, so an increase in T also causes and increase in estrogen, which you don’t want. Blue Star Status blocks that conversion and leaves you with more testosterone, free and available for your body to use, making it a streamlined machine of strength and power.


Vitamin B6 – One of the foundation testosterone boosters; I would prefer to see it in its P-5-P form rather than the Pyridoxine HCL version, but it’s a good addition to any stack

Zinc – One of the better T-boosting ingredients out there, the dose of this is however waaay too low and Zinc Aspartate less effective (and more side effect prone) than Zinc Citrate. Still, mad props to Blue Star Nutraceuticals for including this must-have test booster in their formula.

Magnesium – Another must-have natural mineral T-booster in any stack, although I would also like to see this one in its more potent Magnesium Citrate form that more advanced testosterone supplements like to use. The dose is OK though, but just OK

TestoSURGE – this new and proprietary substance is extracted from fenugreek seeds and is included in this formula at a decent standardization. You might get a T-boost from this, but the study conducted to support its benefits is a bit dubious. Still, Fenugreek is a powerful herb for men, including for testosterone, and I like seeing it in this formula in a premium branded form.

Longjack – Though this is a relatively effective T-booster and sex enhancer, STATUS falls short by not providing it in extract form, which is what most of the better stacks do. What you see here is actually 100x less potent than some other supplements

Chrysin – though it is intended to boost T levels, it has been shown to be very poorly absorbed by the bloodstream. I’ve ripped on chrysin as ineffective in at least one other review, and I don’t like it in here either

Ingredients in this product

An overview of ingredients present in this product
IngredientProfile link
Eurycoma Longifolia Jack ( Tongkat Ali , Longjack )Profile
Chrysin ( Honey extract )Profile
ZMA ( Zinc Magnesium Aspartate vitamin B6 )Profile
Saw Palmetto ( Serenoa Repens )Profile
Berberine ( Piperine or Black Pepper extract )Profile
Resveratrol ( Red Wine Extract )Profile

Saw Palmetto  – This is not really a testosterone booster. However, it is a time tested natural herb that may help improve prostate health and urinary comfort in men.

Resveratrol – weak evidence claims that this chemical found in grapes inhibits the aromatase function, the enzyme responsible for turning testosterone into estrogen. It may boost growth hormone levels too, but that is also backed by early research only.

Black Pepper – This ingredient has been included in STATUS to promote nutrient absorption and burn fat… it helps other nutrients to work better


  • The ingredients are all natural.
  • PCT and cycling are not required.
  • There’s a money back guarantee.
  • Most Blue Star Status reviews from customers are positive.
  • Blue Star is a legitimate supplement manufacturer interested in buildinga reputation on good products and service.
  • This helps when you need them to give you a refund and/or stand by their promise.

Blue Star Status Cons

Ingredient amounts, for the most part, are not given. This leaves us guessing whether or not any of them are actually as effective as they could be.


I sincerely think this product is proficient. Blue Star Status would presumably aid in raising the testosterone levels yielding more strength, sex drive, energy and stamina.