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We have tried our best to provide you information on the best 3 male enhancement products available today ie. vigrx, viagra and cialis. You can have a look at the comparison chart here.

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2). Generic Viagra review – Read reviews and our analysis on two brands of generic viagra – BlueChew and Kamagra.

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3). Generic Cialis review – Read Generic Cialis reviews and our analysis here.

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Although VigrxPlus is not the perfect product, yet it has the potential to deliver. Know Why this is one of the best things that happened to Male sexuality and why it is recommended by Doctors as the most comprehensive scientifically formulated pill for men.

Absorb what is useful, reject what is useless, and add specifically what is your own” – Bruce Lee

If you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right” – Unknown

Searching Male enhancement pills in google gives out several review sites with each one trying to prove they put out unbiased reviews.

This site is different. I will give you the power to decide for yourself what is truth and what is not. We don’t have any lies or Fake reviews here at this blog. All we are trying to do is collect user reviews on all products that can improve male performance.

It is our duty here to help you decide which product to take and also help you decide what are your ultimate goals when you think of “male enhancement”. We have also prepared product comparison charts so you know which product to take and how.

Truth about Vigrx Plus

I hate to break it to you but penis enlargement is not entirely possible with the help of penis pills and Vigrx is no exception. There have been many scam penis pills. Enzyte was one such male enhancement pill which had the commercials featuring a man with a large grin as women disregard others to be near him. The makers of the herbal supplement had been involved in legal struggles for 4 years and In 2006, Steven Warshak, the owner of Berkeley Nutraceuticals, the company behind Enzyte was indicted on 112 federal counts including conspiracy, money laundering, and mail, wire, and bank fraud. Warshak’s mother and five others were also named in the indictment along another of his companies, TCI Media Inc. The charges account for $100 million of a reported $250 million made by the company.

One way most companies make profits is they equate male enhancement with penis enlargement in a “not so clear” fashion. Though they have testimonials of men claiming the pills have increased the penis size while no where on sites do they mention penis size increase as the “ultimate result” of using their products. This creates confusion and chaos in the minds of consumers. People purchase these products in hope and out of curiosity. It is no hidden fact that a large number of men are insecure about their Penis size. And if some stuff can “cure” this insecurity, (proposed by the testimonials) the company can easily make huge number of sales.

Are those Testimonials all fake ?

We can’t say that. While it is true that the proven methods of “real penis enlargement” are penis extenders, and as some Docs say that penis pumps may also increase the size of penis, Vigrx pills can actually get you stronger erections with more blood supply into the penis thereby making an appearance of a longer and thicker penis. On their official website they call this “More Fuller Erections”. So that is something really achievable.

One thing to note is if you are going for real penis enlargement and substantial increase of like 1-2 inches or more in size, you’ll have to rely on penis lengthening exercises (jelqing) and penis extenders. A source that I can recommend for that is by Mike Salvini who has been featured on Wired and Salon magazines and also on PlayBoy, king, Europes Channel etc. You must realize that these “stretching exercises” and wearing penis extenders will have to be continued after you see gains.

We also recommend Male enhancement coach, if you want to look into penis enlargement exercises.

Lots of guys have made their penis’ larger by stretching/jelqing and this is true.

What is inside those penis pills ? Are they totally useless?

Various sexual enhancers are present in these pills but in most products the dosage is usually too small. Arginine salts, tribulus, yohimbe, etc etc. These sexual enhancers are able to increase libido and get you a harder, longer lasting erection. They can help people with erection problems as well so if you aren’t able to get a 100% erect penis when fully aroused. If you are only able to get a 75% erection, the pills may help you get to 80 or 90% (probably not 100%) and you may gain half an inch or something. But, not all pills are efficient. We rely on “Real User reviews” to find out which male enhancement pill is worth it.

User reviews

Vigrx reviews

Here are true authentic reviews taken from and some Forums . Though some of these reviews may look strange, keep in mind they are written by people with long history of actively participating on internet forums. And the chances of people being affiliated with the pill companies are nil.

I know 2 friends that tried them and claim they work but not as much as the pill co. claim, they want me to try im still thinkign about it. – Guardian (forum name)

Most penis pills contain alot of arginine so it may help with erections (a little) but is won’t make you bigger. Arganine, tribulus, yohimbie and a few other herbs are known to help men with their erections – brtecson (forum name)

These pills don’t permanantly enlarge your penis but I have tried them for libido management and this product does work for thicker, fuller, longer lasting erections and libido. Your ‘part’ does seem to get bigger with the increased blood flow, but you’d have to take these forever to keep it up like that. – TommyTuffGuy (forum name)

I have used this product and many other enhancement products in the past to see if they work, some did, some didn’t. Well, Vig-RX did increase drive for about the first two to three months and increased flaccid size (hung longer and thicker giving the appearance of increased length, a noticeable difference!) but that was about it. I have always noticed on the websites for these types of pills, the man is always flaccid during the before and after pictures (and the pictures are always zoomed in a little closer in the ‘after pictures), which, as I said, is where the size increase occurs and is very noticeable. If you want increase drive, stamina and thickness this product works decently. However, if your looking for a significant increase in length, well, I don’t think any pill will do that. Also, this is an herbal supplement so you may have a different response so my advice would be to start out with one bottle (maybe two) to see if it works for you. – John Doe’s Brother “Chuck” (Amazon)

I did use these for 3 months, and am giving an honest review of my experience, and not just bashing it without actually using it, like a lot of people will do, or am not working for these people by writing a fake positive review. First of, after trying a few of these pills, I have found that this product has had the most effect on me. Which by that, I mean they have given my sex drive a huge boost, and they make me rock hard, which for me is good enough to buy them. As for a bigger penis, doesn’t do anything for that, which i’m pretty sure is the case with any pill. But my girlfreind did notice me being really that much harder without me telling her I was using anything. So the reason I gave this only 3 stars is because of one: they claim it enlarges you, which it doesn’t. If they just took that selling point off of their website and promoted it as a sex enhancer only, it wouldn’t be as misleading. But that apparenty is what gets them the sales, is telling people what they want to hear. – D. White (forum name)

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While it is true Vigrx can not make your penis larger, it has some very good ingredients scientifically formulated which do provide sexual enhancement (not penis enlargement). These sexual enhancers are proven to increase libido, increase intensity of orgasms, cause harder erections and increase time of ejaculation.

These all are powerful results and very possible with this product. During extensive research aimed at further strengthening the potency of this popular formulation, scientists discovered certain highly impressive ingredients. The addition of these ingredients bolstered the effectiveness of this product beyond expectations. This resulted in VigRx™ Plus. Ingredients in this formulation include the following: Bioperene®, Damiana, Tribulus Terrestris, Epimedium Leaf Extract, Cuscuta Seed Extract, Ginkgo Biloba Leaf, Panax Ginseng, Saw Palmetto Berry, Muira Puama Bark Extract, Catuaba Bark Extract and Hawthorn Berry. A lot of these ingredients like Tribulus Terrestris, Damiana and Epimedium Leaf Extract have been known to boost testosterone levels as well with an exceptional ability to significantly improve penile blood flow thereby super-charging sexual stamina and libido.

This product is also unique in two ways-

It contains Bioperine. This ingredient increases the absorption rates of all other ingredients in the supplement. In one study, Bioperene® increased the absorption of Coenzyme Q10 by roughly 30%, and in another study it showed a 20-fold increase in bioavailability. These results are significant, in that they seem to demonstrate Bioperene®’s superior ability to optimize quality ingredients. For this reason, other formulations that may contain the same excellent ingredients may nevertheless be less effective. It has been reported that consumers have experienced vastly improved results since the addition of this component.

Secondly this product seems to be the only pill which is so actively endorsed by the medical community. This is huge if you realize most of the gimmick products are either trashed by the medical community or recommended by phony Doctors. The following Doctors have recommended this and whose identities can very well be identified.

Dr. Steven Lamm, M.D. (Author of Hardness Factor)
Dr. Michael A. Carter, Psy.D. RCP
Dr. Alexis Vazquez, D.O.

You can even download the CVs of these Doctors online or from their official site.

Cons –

1. Not proven to increase flaccid or erect penis size. We can’t comment on the testimonials as I said earlier more blood supply into the penis may give the effect of thick and long penis. It is recommended best for overall sexual enhancement, treating erection and libido problems but probably not for penis enlargement. Another thing to note is the Doctors recommending this product never say it will increase penis size though they are very confident in saying it will improve sexual performance and cure sexual problems like Erectile Dysfunction.

2. Cost is on the higher side compared to most other similar products.

Generic Viagra reviews (sildenafil citrate reviews)

Here are true authentic viagra reviews taken from internet Forums. Though some of these reviews may look strange, keep in mind they are written by people with long history of actively participating on internet forums. And the chances of people being affiliated with the pill companies are nil.

Viagra or cialis should make you “fuller” by increasing the amount of blood in the penis. Yohimbe does not seem to have this effect, though it does make erection “harder”. Though not sure if this is the appropriate forum for this discussion, though guess that it is supplement related. Sort of.

My husband has ED, & we have been using Viagra, but just recently switched to a generic. I have noticed that the generic seems to make him larger, as well as harder for a longer period. We are very very satisfied with Sildenafil! We have not found any problem with taking Sildenafil daily for as much as 3 weeks in a row. My husband is 50, & has a strong libido, so we have to have Sildenafil every time we want to make love. I am 40, & enjoy a healthy libido myself. We are on a VERY fixed income, & could not afford Viagra. It nearly cost us our marriage, but since we have found Sildenafil at only $1 per pill, we are a much happier couple. We are able to make love any time we want to. We are open with our relatives about our health issues, & have recommended Sildenafil to those with ED. They have told my husband that they were extremely happy with the results of Sildenafil. As a matter of fact, some have told us they preferred Sildenafil to Viagra without knowing how inexpensive Sildenafil is. When we tell them the price, they invariably ask where we get it. We send them here every time. – missraven77

I would avoid this before 40 unless you truly do have problems at specific times. Because once you start doing it for fun your going to almost need it all the time. Its like using cocaine with sex. Once you do it a few times your going to want it before having sex all the time and possibly even need it eventually to get it up. – rz65

I’ve used this off and on for years and don’t need it to get it up. I used to have anxieyt and I bet thats what you have. It went away the more I tried to relax myslef and its all gone now. Try, it might give you the edge you need. – badbart2000

I’ve taken it on and off for years and had no problems without it. I love it and feel like a he man when on it. But I prefer Cialis it lasts longer and doesn’t give me a head ache. Works very good for wisky dick. – badbart2000

I have no ED problems, but after my first load, its hard for me to get it up again…unless I’m on Viagra.. I love the stuff– I go longer, I’m harder, and I can go..and cum..and go…and cum…and go some more. I HIGHLY recommend this.. and I hate calias. This stuff kicks in much harder and stronger – martinr

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Our Analysis

Nothing natural will duplicate what viagra will do in 45 minutes.

However, one can enhance your own male hormone production with several natural items. Many of these ingredients are present in Vigrx Plus, so if you are looking to go natural you can go for that –

Tribulius Terrestris.
Horny Goat Weed.
Avena Sativa, protects testosterone from binding to other compounds, makes it more effective. Works very well for most men and women.
Hawthorne, increases male testosterone and decreases blood pressure.
Sarsaparilla, increases male test.

Viagra bypasses the problem of low testosterone and gives you an erection anyway. The natural products and ingredients go to root of the problem and increase your test.

Generic Viagra is less expansive version of Brand Viagra and has the same effect as the original Pfizer Viagra.

So many positive reviews of this product definitely count.


– Gives amazing rock hard erections. Has been proven to work with the highest success rate. And has got many loyal fans.
– Hassle free. Take a pill. After some time you are ready to go!
– Many people have reported ability to have last longer and have sex multiple times in the same session. This is Huge plus point for most men.
– Effectively treats Erectile dysfunction. And is prescribed worldwide by Doctors to treat impotence and ED.


– Side effects – Headache, facial flushing, and upset stomach – and less commonly blurring of vision, bluish vision or sensitivity to light. Rarely a sudden decrease or loss of vision – or a sudden decrease or loss of hearing, may occur. The manufactiurers claim that it is not possible to determine whether these symptoms are directly related to this product – but recommend that if a man experiences any of these symptoms while on Viagra, they should stop taking any more and consult a doctor immediately.

– It has a longer onset than the other similar drugs and tends to have the shortest effect. Viagra lasts for approximately four hours while Cialis has the longest efficacy rate. Its effect can last for 36 hours straight. So, taking viagra and engaging in sex would require planning.

– Attempting sexual intercourse too quickly after taking the medicine will not help as it takes time to kick in.

– If taking for male sexual enhancement purposes (that is not for curing problems like ED etc.), in some cases the user may become depandant on this product (in similar fashion like drugs since the effect is just too much pleasurable). In worst cases people may not be able to have erection without this after being addicted to it. Lower doses are recommended if you are not suffering from ED.

– Generic viagra doesn’t cure erectile dysfunction permanently; rather it just helps you in getting erection. Thus sexual desire is necessary for pill to work efficiently as generic cialis does not help in enhancing sexual desire.

Cialis reviews

Here are true authentic cialis reviews taken from internet Forums . Though some of these reviews may look strange, keep in mind they are written by people with long history of actively participating on internet forums. And the chances of people being affiliated with the pill companies are nil.

When I was on anti depressants (they cause erectile dysfunction as a side effect) I was prescribed Cialis. It worked great, take it about 1 hr before sexual activity and it lasts for 24 to 36 hrs. It also has an accumulative effect, in that after a few days of taking it (say dirty long weekend) you dont need to take it for 4 to 7 days as it still seems to work. I have no issues now without it. The best part is you can go for hours and hours. – Toph

From what i’ve been reading, it sounds like Viagra will give you a VERY hard erection that will last only a few hours. Then if using Cialis, you will have a more natural erection that will kick in anytime within 3 days. And both will give you headaches, but i’ll put up with that. – PumpingBricks

This stuff is cool cause you can take it Friday night, go out all weekend and have a boner on command. It really does last 2-3 days. – assneck

Cialis works for 24hours MAX… not 72 hours. Second, it is for people with like.. REAL ED problems– it doesn’t give you an amazing hard on. Viagra, on the other hand, I use regurarly (recreationally) because it gives you an AMAZING hardon that just rocks.. you can have orgies, or bust a nut and stay hard and keep doing it! – martinr

I can get hard on with very little effort while on this stuff and I can stay hard at least 48 hours after taking it. Viagra causes my head to get very flushed. – plainsman

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Our Analysis of Cialis


– Many men have reported this product to have longer lasting results in some cases upto 36 hours. It is often referred to as the weekend pill due to it’s long lasting effect.

– It is not affected by any food whatsoever and in fact can be taken with pure fat. It is protein-bound that causes a serum peak concentration of two hours and a half-life anywhere between 16 and 22 hours depending on the age of the patient. The older the patient, the longer the half-life. Because of the long duration of action, the lack of absorption effects, and efficacy at least as good as Viagra, if not better.

– Cardiac-wise this product has the shortest QTc interval and may in fact be the safest to use for cardiac patients although all three drugs are extremely safe. None of them have a QTc interval of greater of 10 milliseconds, which would have caused the drug to fail FDA clearance. The long half-life of approximately 20 hours is not unusual in today’s modern health. Most drugs given by general practitioners to their patients have half-lives even greater than 20 hours and there is no concern about side effect profiles. If side effects occur with Cialis, they are usually short duration, mild, and occur within the first 24 hours.

– With its long half-life and relatively long duration of action of 36 to 100 hours, it appears to be the easiest, most cost effective, and spontaneous male enhancement drug.


– The most common side effects are headaches, stomach aches and possible back pain.

– Comparing to cialis, viagra is reported to have more stronger effects in terms of erection hardness and quality. Even though there are a good number of men who claim cialis is as good.

– This product doesn’t cure erectile dysfunction; rather it just helps you in getting erection. Thus sexual desire is necessary for pill to work efficiently as it does not help in enhancing sexual desire.