GNC Mens’ Staminol Ultra review

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A very balanced male sexual enhancement supplement, with various ingredients for testosterone & libido support and for better erections. The ingredients used are time-tested and clinically proven, although there are some powerful ingredients it misses out, like Mucuna Pruriens (natural L-dopa) etc. The product is quite affordable at around $35 but a closer look reveals that most sex-enhancing ingredients are under-dosed in the product at 25-55 mg. (eg. Horny Goat Weed , Asian ginseng). While in other male enhancement products, you get the same ingredients in higher doses. The product is from a well-reputed brand and has positive user reviews, overall, a good value for money!


  • Solid all-natural ingredients profile
  • Mostly positive user reviews
  • Very few side effects
  • Good price


  • Some ingredients are under-dosed, as compared to other products in the male enhancement industry
  • No money back guarantee
  • The product itself has not undergone a clinical study, although its ingredients have
  • There are better products available which provide better value for money & are more efficient

In male enhancement, pills that boost male performance usually sacrifice on stamina. So what ingredients in stamina pills and herbs work? There is one major key to boosting stamina that can’t be cured any other way than through nutrition or through male stamina supplements.

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It’s called your serotonin levels. Having a healthy balance of serotonin levels is actually the key ingredient to male stamina as far as pills go. I feel that everything else can be cured through exercises and products around stamina. The ONE thing pills have up on anything else is the ability to balance our serotonin levels.

But there’s a huge problem with the balancing of these levels. Drugs. Real chemically produced drugs and as we all know these drugs kill male enhancement and can cause huge amounts of side effects that kill us over time.

GNC Men’s Staminol Ultra is among the globally renowned and internationally illustrious products that emanates from the plausible program of General Nutrition Corporation (GNC). This supplement can be utilized in a various male sexual health linked diseases. It was recently proven to be particularly useful in health cases related to impotency like premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction. This supplement has been concisely explained in this article.

What is Staminol Ultra?

As the name indicates, GNC men’s Staminol Ultra is a specific male enhancement supplement that is used to enhance and increase sexual stamina and performance in men. It comes in oral caplet (small capsule) form and is normally recommended for daily use.

Ingredients in Staminol

It contains their proprietary “staminol blend” which is: L-Arginine, Maca and Epimedium.

The other complementary ingredients are Kola Nut, Damiana, GABA, Yohimbe, Horny goat Weed, Oat Straw, and Saw Palmetto.

Ingredients in this product

An overview of ingredients present in this product
IngredientProfile link
Horny Goat Weed ( Epidemium or Icariin or Rowdy Lamb Herb )Profile
Maca ( Lepidium meyenii or Peruvian Ginseng )Profile
Yohimbine ( Yohimbe )
Damiana Leaf ( Tunera Diffusa )
Saw Palmetto ( Serenoa Repens )Profile
GABA ( Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid )Profile

This means that they have created a formula that increases blood flow through the use of NO (nitric oxide) boosters, plus they have also added a formula or blend that boosts testosterone production too.

The ingredients are well known for providing the effects desired, and the customer feedback shows that many are happy with their results.

How does Staminol Ultra work?

Staminol Ultra acts in a variety of different ways such as:

  • This causes a general increase in sexual performance, energy and strength. Let’s not forget that testosterone is the male sex hormone that is chiefly accountable for the growth of secondary sexual traits and male sexual organs. Subsequently, it’s been proposed that, the utilization of testosterone enhancing supplements in guys could result in an increase in the length and size of the penis.
  • By increasing the number of sperms and quantity of semen: When it comes to the issues of male fertility and sterility, two factors, sperm count and general quantity of seminal fluid, are of crucial importance. Too thin seminal fluid and decreased spermcount are two of the main reasons for causing fertility and reproductive health related issues in men. Indirectly, premature ejaculation is also related with reduced amount of semen and highly sensitive sexual organs. The natural ingredients present in Staminol Ultra actually strengthen male sexual organs, particularly penis, so that they are less prone to premature ejaculation and shorter orgasms.

Pros and Cons

While we have been raving about the product, there are some “cons” that need to be addressed and mentioned.

These are:

  • There are no returns or guarantees;
  • The ingredients are not actually explained;
  • There are no clinical studies or reports to prove that it is effective; and
  • There is not an adequate amount of general product information.

On the other hand, it is important to remember:

  • The product will not produce any allergic reactions;
  • It has received mostly positive feedback;
  • The ingredients are natural and herbal; and
  • The price is tough to beat.


Finally, according to self-reliant researches, neutral comments and internet studies, GNC men’s Staminol Ultra appears to be among the best selling male sexual stimulant and enhancement supplement that can be utilized for diversified sexual circumstances. Additionally, this supplement isn’t absolutely herbal, it consists of several artificial but essential substances. This product is a little costly but because of its numerous benefits, I think it should be checked out.