Blue Zeus male enhancement pills review (Alternative to viagra?)

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The ingredients in “Blue Zeus” seem impressive, but like most supplements in the male enhancement industry, “Blue Zeus” also uses a proprietary blend of ingredients, making it impossible to tell exact quantities of ingredients used. The product itself hasn’t undergone a clinical study and user reviews seem to be mixed. The ingredients are all-natural and diversified, so you should see some performance boost. All in all, good value for money, but not the best.


  • Solid ingredients profile- All natural & diversified ingredients for male enhancement
  • Inexpensive as compared to other products available in the market.
  • No need to take Blue Zeus every day.
  • There are some positive Blue Zeus testimonials and user reviews


  • No money back guarantee.
  • It uses a proprietary blend of ingredients, making it impossible to tell exact quantities of ingredients used.

Blue Zeus is an herbal alternative to prescription erectile dysfunction medications like Viagra.  It claims to improve your erection quality, increase your stamina, boost your libido, and help you maintain control over when you orgasm.  It’s a pretty popular supplement, definitely worth looking into.

If you have a weak erection or you can’t get an erection at all, the good news is you can solve the problems naturally by taking some time tested herbs. These herbs can all be found in the best-blended libido pills for men, so you can get them all together in one serving.

Well, it’s true that the effectiveness of many herbal ingredients is still hotly debated. Much of the evidence is anecdotal. However, people all around the world have used many of these herbs for thousands of years. So there is a lot of ancient wisdom behind the use of these medicinal plants.

With 1 Blue Zeus tablet about 60 minutes before sexual activity, you’ll notice an increase in excitement and blood rushes to your penis to produce the thick, powerful erection you’re wanting to experience.  As the encounter moves along, you’ll find yourself with unending energy and stamina so you and she can both have a night to remember.  In fact, company also makes Pink Venus for the ladies, so so both can take their respective supplements together and sharing the experience.

Blue Zeus Ingredients

    • The main component is L-Arginine which increase the flow of blood to the penis. It helps to increase the production of nitric oxide, which causes to open up the blood vessels allowing more blood to flow through to the corpus cavernosa, or chambers of the penis.
    • Guarana is used to provide you energy from its caffeine content.
    • Zinc is required for the body’s chemical reaction that produced testosterone. The more testosterone in your system, the more virile you’ll be.
    • Siberian Ginseng aids the l-arginine in blood flow improvement.
    • Niacin helps the production of testosterone, and it also gives you that little tingling feeling.
    • Ginkgo Biloba is another blood flow enhancer.
    • 5-HTP gives you the added benefit of a mood boost, so you’re more relaxed and comfortable, and less stressed.

Ingredients in this product

An overview of ingredients present in this product
IngredientProfile link
Maca ( Lepidium meyenii or Peruvian Ginseng )Profile
Ginkgo biloba (aka Tanakan, Tebonin, Rökan, Maidenhair, gingko)Profile
ZMA ( Zinc Magnesium Aspartate vitamin B6 )Profile
Panax ginseng ( Wild Ginseng or Korean red ginseng )
Kaempferia parviflora ( Black Turmeric or Thai Ginseng )Profile
Ashwagandha ( Withania Somnifera or Indian Ginseng )Profile

Pros of Blue Zeus

  • All natural ingredients.
  • Almost all ingredients added which are required for male enhancement.
  • Inexpensive as compared to other medicine available in the market.
  • Already users are getting benefit from this medicine as per the testimonials on the website.
  • No need to take Blue Zeus every day.
  • There are some positive Blue Zeus testimonials on the website.
  • One Product of company available for women as well.

Cons of Blue Zeus

  • No money back guarantee.
  • As per provided formula There are no aphrodisiacs.
  • We found testimonials only on company website, no other independent customer review found anywhere.


In conclusion, while many of the advertisements exaggerate their claims about what herbal remedies can do for your sex life, it’s equally clear that some all-natural remedies which include the above ingredients do have at least some benefits.