Super Dragon 6000 review

Have you been searching for a premature ejaculation supplement that is really functional? Luckily, in agreement with market supply and clients demand, you should be searching for a desensitizing ointment or cream. These supplements are everywhere, imitations products increase like bunnies and they are all made of the same substances.

However clients continue to purchase them, hence producers keep manufacturing them. for your PE product to attract attention in a highly saturated market you must re brand it. give it some impressive packaging and a name that would rekindle your brand in the brains of consumers all over.

We are glad to announce to you that our audacious product analysis crew has discovered one of such PE product and that formula is Super Dragon 6000 spray.
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Super Dragon 6000 Ingredients and How They Work

The main active ingredient in Super Dragon 6000 Delay Spray is Lidocaine. This is a topical anesthetic, such as what a dentist may use to numb your gum in preparation for a shot of Novocaine. The Lidocaine acts as a desensitizer, so your penis is no longer quite so sensitive to stimulation. This makes it possible to last longer, as you are not reacting as strongly to every stimuli.
Additionally, Super Dragon 6000 uses Vitamin E to nourish and stimulate cells, and L-Arginine to help stimulate blood flow to the penis so you can achieve a faster and better erection.

Super Dragon 6000 is not greasy or sticky, and one can contains about 30 spray. It’s water based so you can use it with a condom without having to worry about compromised effectiveness. It is also hypoallergenic and safe for ingestion.

What Are The Active Ingredients in Super Dragon 6000 Spray?

Like 99.9% of all other PE sprays, the main ingredient of this product is a topical anesthetic. The concentration of this particular one, Lidocaine, is listed as 10%. And for those metro sexual men who are also concerned about the softness and suppleness of their penial frenulum, the formula contains a 1% concentration of Vitamin E.

The decision to go with Lidocaine, and in such a high concentration, is an interesting one. Many sprays prefer the less harsh benzocaine, and even then many sprays and creams don’t quite contain a monumental 10% concentration. But then again, the product isn’t called “Super” Dragon for nothing (we hope).

Ingredients in this product

An overview of ingredients present in this product
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Super Dragon 6000 Pros and Cons

As with all things, there is good and bad inherent in Super Dragon 6000 Delay Spray. Taking a quick look at both sides of the coin can help you feel confident that you ultimately make the right decision.

Advantages of Super Dragon 6000
• It works fast.
• It does not interfere with condom use.
• There is a 30-day money back guarantee.
Disadvantages of Super Dragon 6000
• The taste may not be compatible with oral sex.
• No clinical studies have been conducted.
• It doesn’t address performance issues other than premature ejaculation.

What Can Super Dragon 6000 Spray do that Similar Sprays Can’t?
Well, for starters, we’ve already mentioned the choice of their main ingredient (Lidocaine) and the unusually high 10% concentration. But people with a lidocaine allergy (or any other kind of “-caine” allergy, for that matter) should be very cautious when using this product, or you may end up in the ER with a severe reaction.

As publicized, Super Dragon 6000 Spray claims that it can make you last 10 times longer by using their commodity. Quite remarkable, why don’t we perform a little analysis. If your sex duration is 2 minutes, then you can start anticipating to lasting up to about 20 minutes. It might be worse in some guys, lasting 30 seconds or less. This would result to a hooting 5 minutes with the aid of Super Dragon. Therefore if there allegation is precisely correct, this spray would not offer the sexual perseverance that a lot of guys are searching for.

Where to Buy

Super Dragon 6000 is available through a number of online sellers. One bottle sells for under $20 and many retailers offer discounts when you purchase multiple bottles at the same time. The official Super Dragon 6000website offers a 30 day money back guarantee so you may want to buy your first bottle there if you’re interested but still want to be financially covered.


Given that the major active substance is Lidocaine, we quite certain that Super Dragon 6000 would serve as a desensitizing spray and that you would apparently be able to last longer. You might also be able to discover a lesser stuff that’s less expensive because it was not made particularly for sex. Furthermore, you could go for a product that has several other functions than just deadening your penis. If that’s what you would prefer, there are more all-inclusive male enhancement products you might go for rather than Super Dragon 6000.