Extagen reviews – Does it work for male enhancement?

Extagen actually is among the best choices for male enhancement although there are better alternatives.

What is Extagen?

It is a new brand of herbal male enhancement supplement that claims it can increase the size of the penis by stimulating the blood flow to that specific area. However, some herbs and ingredients actually improve and maintain Erectile and improve sex drive, such as – maca extract, muira puama, and ginseng.

It does not contain Yohimbe which is a good thing. Yohimbe can be used for impotence treatment, but it has serious side effects reported by the FDA. The side effects of Yohimbe include – renal failure, promotion of prostate enlargement, neurotransmitter imbalance (due to this, people may suffer with depression or anxiety), changes in heart rhythm, painful prolonged erection, and muscle paralysis.

According to Consumer Guide (May 2004 issue), they published an article titled – “2 Supplements You Should Avoid” list, where they mention the list of potentially dangerous substances which change blood pressure, heart attack and death.

Extagen Review Bottom Line:

Made in a GMP certified lab, having an all natural ingredients based proprietary blend makes it a product worth trying. The company behind Extagen seems to be very confident about their product and stand behind firmly with their claims of the highest quality ingredients.

Is there an alternative to Extagen capsules?

You can try VigRx Plus. It is a male enhancement supplement that contains other essential elements like – vitamins, minerals and manufactured with the most sexually potent herbal extracts that can stimulate blood circulation to the penis as well as balance the blood pressure and body hormones. It improves – penis size, enhances orgasm and offers improvements in overall male sexual health.

Many satisfied customers admit the success of VigRx Plus; it is a good alternative to Extagen. Most people find considerable improvement in sex drive, erection quality and sexual energy with this product.

Nevertheless, Extagen does show quick results, where other supplements take longer time to show. It can show the result within 2 weeks after use.