Andractim DHT gel for male enhancement

Andractim DHT gel is a commercial grade medicine mainly used for muscle building and male menopause related problems (also known as Andropause). Andractim is actually a pharmaceutical grade medicine and usually comes in a gel form.

Basically Laboratoires Besins-Iscovesco in France invented it, now a day, it can be used in other several issues like Gynecomastia (breast development in men). Basically it deals with imbalanced testosterone levels in human body and other issues that accompany Andropause like poor sexual performance and decline in desire and stamina.

Andractim is also used for penis enlargement, mainly as Andractim DHT gel (dihydrotestosterone, a form of metabolite of testosterone.) It is claimed to be more powerful than testosterone and it has great impact on penis tissues, and the most surprising thing about it is – it does not convert into estrogen like testosterone does!

Due to its muscle building feature, it is widely used in penis enlargement, not only that, according to medical science – DHT not only build the muscles, but also it is responsible for development of all male sexual characteristics like – body hair, beards and many others.

How to Use DHT Gel For Penis Enlargement?

Usually, DHT gel is applied in single dose every day to the penis, and the results will show in a couple of days, it not only increases the penis size but also increase sex drive and harder erection. You can use it until you feel the positive effects of it. When it stops working, stop using it and you can shift to a light enlargement workout routine.

Pros & Cons

However, here is a brief list of pros and cons of DHT gel, that can help you to use it safely –

Pros –

– Prescribed by many health care professionals and widely used in male menopause.
– It can be obtained through online stores without any prescriptions.

Cons –

– Must be used under supervision of a health care instructor.
– It is not good for those people who are suffering with prostate cancer.

Finally, Andractim is also used as testosterone replacement therapy to prevent Andropause or gynecomastia. Additionally, it is also noticed that, the therapy still have some risks and potential reason for prostrate cancer.

However, Andropause and testosterone are comparatively new treatment methodology in medical science, and not necessarily all men are affected by poor testosterone production, there might be several other reasons involved that reduce the sex drive.